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    [R4-B7] LongLiveLife vs. Weeaboo

    Arena: Hogwarts Castle, during the final battle from The Deathly Hallows Special Conditions: One of you is a Death Eater, The other is a Hogwarts student of any house or year of your choosing. The student is allowed to use a broom, while the Death Eater has the ability to turn into a shadow...
  2. Key


    I dunno how dark this'll be on your screens, but here we go: I was toying around with the lighting on this one, i think it came out pretty decent... But I'd like some second opinions. ^^
  3. Key

    [R3-B2] Alaude Drenxta vs. Prophet

    Scenario: You are both members of rival organizations, assassins sent out to do their bosses' dirty work. You are both friends outside of your jobs, and neither of you know the other's true line of work-- but the organizations know, and they fear you may be betraying information to their...
  4. Key

    monster fight o___o

    Rawwwr. C&C is appreciated.
  5. Key

    [R2-B6] Grandmaster_Chris vs. Piercing Light

    Arena: Barren Plain-- A flat expanse where many battles have taken place over the ages. The ground is dry and cracked, and vegetation and any other cover is scarce here. Two opposing forces meet here. Special Conditions: Both Battlers are restricted to the character templates The Professor and...
  6. Key

    "Virus Detected"? (No spoilers, I think.)

    So, I'm on Tag Mode trying to get some balloons, when, right after I do a scratch card, the top screen starts flashing "VIRUS DETECTED!" I had to turn off my DS as it was running out of battery, so I couldn't do anything with it. What does it mean? Should I be worried or prepare for a really...
  7. Key

    Dragons, Dragons Everywhere! (critiques wanted!)

    Ok, I've been practicing my digital coloring, and came up with these two drawings for my art class. Both were sketched and lineart-ed in Photoshop CS3, colored and shaded on Paint Tool SAI, and minor adjustments were done in Photoshop again. The top one is lacking blood, and bottom one is...
  8. Key

    NA and PAL save data compatible?

    I was wondering if an NA Birth By Sleep save file would be compatible with a PAL BbS UMD. I've been considering buying the PAL version (which I'm pretty sure is the exact same game, and is also in English) so I can further my language learning (I'm learning German, and am in my third year of...
  9. Key

    Xx~o~The Xehanort Fanclub~o~xX

    Welcome to... Xx~o~The Xehanort Fanclub~o~xX ^^^if anyone can find/make a better banner than this, please do.^^^ This is a fanclub for Xehanort and all of his incarnations, including Xehanort the Apprentice, Ansem Seeker of Darkness, Xemnas, and Terranort Reasons: 1- He has been able...
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    Wayfinder (clay)

    So my friends and i decided to get together and make a bunch of Wayfinders for ourselves~ Here's mine, tell me what you think! I still have to attach the string, but i think it looks pretty epic.
  11. Key

    Mysterious Figure Music Revealed!

    fkHefpAki60 didn't know where else to put it, but WOW, this is AMAZING! that violin is EPIC....
  12. Key

    Embarassing moments

    About ten minutes ago, i pulled a banana-peel style fall in my house. in front of other people. including some who weren't my family. it was awesome. Got me wondering, have any of you ever had similar experiences where you've done something really embarassing in front of people? whether you...
  13. Key

    Fanfiction ► N I G H T M A R E S [BbS Oneshot]

    A/N: Just a quick little note, this story is set before Birth by Sleep begins, so they are about four years younger than depicted in the game. No obvious or important spoilers. THIS STORY IS VERY LONG. DISCLAIMER: I do not own Kingdom Hearts, its characters, or anything else related to it...
  14. Key

    BP Oil Spill-- Sin VS Accident

    Not sure if there's a thread about this already, but after reading this, I felt compelled to share. News: Accident Vs Sin THIS PERSON..... really did their research. After reading this, I really wanted to know what other people thought about this. Do you think BP allowed this to...
  15. Key

    Internet trolls

    Personally, i think they're a real pain in the ass. Just people with no lives who feel the need to torment others for their enjoyment. I've got one on my tail right now, and he's severely irritating me. :P One of those annoying picture-trolls that spams you with images. So how about it...
  16. Key

    (another) Heartless Concept - Ruler of the Jungle

    NOW WITH BOSS DESCRIPTION!! This guy was spawned from a Days roleplay. Tell me what you think! ^^
  17. Key

    Help/Support ► Still on a Leash

    Hey guys, i've got a liiiiiiiiiiiiittle issue here. Lately I've been spending my time on the computer, watching TV, playing videogames and drawing some various fanarts. My mom tells me to get a life, that videogames and all the rest of the stuff i do are a waste of time. My problem is...
  18. Key

    Pentooled: Lightning Farron

    WARNING huge image. ok, we had a project at school where we had to vector out a person using illustrator. some people wanted to do videogame characters and our teacher said it was ok as long as they were super-realistic. so i did, and i picked Lightning. I would appreciate some C&C... some...
  19. Key

    The Best Opening

    Since there was a "Best Secret Ending" thread, i thought I would make a tread about the openings ;D SO it's pretty self explanatory. Which opening did you like best and why? Personally, I'm stuck between the BbS and KH2 ones, but I'll go with BbS because it had better flow out of the two...
  20. Key

    Scary Moments

    i looked around and didn't find a thread like this, so here goes: What is/are the scariest things that have happened to you? Something that you saw or experienced that kinda messed you up a little bit inside? Here's mine: Some of my sister's friends came over, and they were playing...