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    Is this in the game?

    Yea. Well thanx for the info.
  2. E

    How can i have the final form ?

    I got it at the Tower where Yen Sid lives. The first time I drove in that world I got the Final Form.
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    Is this in the game?

    Is this part in Kingdom Hearts 2 Because either I missed it or its not in the game.
  4. E

    How do you get the Frost Stone

    From the Aeroplanes or the Hot Rods. They can be found at The Timeless River.
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    Something about the controls..

    So can u control them or not?
  6. E

    memory card for kh2

    How can someone even come up with saving a PS2 game with a PS memory card?
  7. E

    When you get KH2...

    I lent my KH to one of my friends. Im trying to get him to like the KH series. Ill probably play it when I get it back but I'll still play KH:CoM.
  8. E

    your hype for kh2

    Oh I see. Where can you listen to Sanctuary?
  9. E

    your hype for kh2

    Are you mad!?
  10. E

    your hype for kh2

    I cant wait anymore! I want it now!
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    countdown to kingdom hearts 2!

    What does this have to do with a countdown?
  12. E

    am i 2 spoiled?[or a little spoiled]

    The ending doest make sense to me. U should watch it
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    am i 2 spoiled?[or a little spoiled]

    But what do I know. I spoiled myself crazy, but I really dont mind.
  14. E

    am i 2 spoiled?[or a little spoiled]

    Nah your not spoiled. Sure you know alot but it'll feel like you never knew once you play it.
  15. E


    I want know if the game controls are good. Are there problems you go through when battling, for those who've played it.
  16. E


    They take too long to finish their fight which Cloud would come out the victor.
  17. E

    NA Kh2 Leaked Thread (NO SPAM)

    Sorry for going off topic again but thats kairi!? Woah she looks way diffrent. Oh, why Maverick, whyyy!
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    NA Kh2 Leaked Thread (NO SPAM)

    This is quite off topic but who is that girl at the end of ASAS? Way off topic eh?
  19. E

    NA Kh2 Leaked Thread (NO SPAM)

    Pull together everyone, we cant stoop to the begging level. Its pathetic. And whats worse yall are begging for Sanctuary.
  20. E

    NA Kh2 Leaked Thread (NO SPAM)

    Two more weeks and we can listen to Sanctuary. And unravel the deep story of KH2, though a lot of people probably spoiled theirselves.