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    How Will Rapunzel Story End?

    My main thought with this question is that Rapunzel is a party member and her hair is a large part of her attacks. If the game follows the story of the movie and ends with her hair being cut, what will happen after that? Will that scene occur in post-game credits? Unlikely, since it would be...
  2. D

    Stuck on Phil Cup Round 5

    I'm in round 5 of the Phil Cup and fighting a Cannon Gun and a Warlock Step. When the Warlock Step attacks, it reduces my strength x5. This makes all my hits do only 1 damage. I used Esuna, but it doesn't seem to remove the effect. What am I supposed to do?
  3. D

    Are the worlds canon?

    OK, so I'm just starting out in Unchained X, and I'm not sure if it's explained or not, but are the Disney worlds and characters canon to the story? I know that Unchained X takes place shortly before the Keyblade War, which took place a LONG time before the first Kingdom Hearts, so the Disney...
  4. D

    Kaa in KH3?

    So you know how Jungle Book was almost in BBS? Many people also think the world has a good chance in KH3. My question is if it's in the game, how do you think they might use Kaa? Obviously, Sheer Khan would have to be the final boss, but what about midpoint boss, or a recurring fight like Sabor...
  5. D

    No One Takes Revenge Like Gaston...'s Nobody?

    First of all, I wanna say that Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney movies of all time and look forward to seeing it return in future Kingdom Hearts titles. As such, the following is a hypothetical scenario in which BatB could fit into KH3. SETTING - To not seem redundant, the...
  6. D

    E.S. = Xehanort

    Here's another theory for the secret ending. I think the Enigmatic Soldier is Xehanort. If you look at the end of the trailer where you see him looking up at Kingdom Hearts, you can see that his hairstyle is similar to Xehanort's, though brown, and his eyes turn yellow, like Xehanort's...
  7. D

    What New Areas?

    In the new KHII:FM interview, it said the existing world would have new areas. So, what new area would you like to see added to what worlds. If they added some to Beast's Castle, I'd like it to be the dining room where they sing "Be Our Guest", or the woods where you could fight wolves.