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    Sora's memories -----> Xion

    After watching the latest TGS trailer while it was subbed, I realized that Namine said something along the lines of..."If another memory is connected, it cannot return to its original source.". That's not a direct quote, but the words "Cannot return to its original source" were used, and I...
  2. M

    Hollow Bastion

    I'm sorry for having to make a thread about this, but I was wondering... In Kingdom Hearts 2, which of the two castles, the actual one that's part of Radiant Garden or Villain's Vale, is where Maleficent was residing? I know that in one of the "examine" triangle options of looking at Villain's...
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    358/2 Days Interview

    I found an interview with two of the developers of 358/2 Days, them being Tetsuya Nomura and Tomohiro Hasegawa, and I looked at the interviews on the interview section of the site and did not see this particular one there. So, I figured that I'd post it. If this interview is somewhere on the...
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    Xehanort's true identity and past theory

    Well I've been checking KHinsider.com for a while now on news and events, though not the forums, so I don't know if anyone has a theory that's like this one as well, but I'll state it anyway. Ok, basically, everything starts out with Master Xehanort disappearing, as is the introduction for...