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    It's Official KH2 is Amazing!

    I will not waste my valuable words. Look at this, http://www.gamestats.com/objects/550/550308/
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    Trinities = Forms

    Hey do you think it is a coincidence that all the colors of the trinities correspond to all the forms? (excluding anti because it more like a transformation than a form)
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    Okay i replayed KH1 and I noticed that the kh2 riku looks kinda like ansem( the heart version not the body) any ideas what this could mean?
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    I don't know but is the colliseum back or what?
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    I was seriously wondering if ANYBODY knew all or at least some of Sora's abilities. Seriously here. Nobody knows?
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    Can someone give me a list of all of Sora's abilities?
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    Good Songs?

    I know that the Kingdom Hearts 2 Music came out but there are alot of songs! I want to know which ones are the good ones that I should download.
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    Knights... Reall that good?

    I mean honestley here folks. I read alot of post about the knights and them being sora, riku, kairi, and/or roxas. Did anybody begin to think that maybe they were the bad guys? It's a long shot but still they could be
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    Roxas and Sora?

    I was reading a very good thread on roxas that goes on to say that sora and roxas fused... can somebody give me a summary of this?
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    Clear Images of Forms

    I was wondering if anybody had clear images of all the forms. Thanks
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    Pictures of New Keyblades?

    I know this is a spoiler thread but what I'm asking for is a possible spoiler so... I was wondering how many keyblades are in KH2 and if I could see what they look like. thanks
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    Pics of Riku?

    I'm keeping up to date and everything but has anybody ever seen riku yet? if anybody has a pic that'd be great.
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    No Riku... is it possible

    You know what recentley we've been getting barraged by new info but still no whisper of riku. Do you think it is posssible that riku won't even show up?
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    Hang on one super fast second

    That's not Riku! Those two people doing the flips are too slender to be riku and the one on the left has darl hair so my guess is that it is Yuna(or whatever) so that leaves the person on the right but he( or she) looks nothing like riku. Can somebody explain?
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    Special Stuff in the US version?

    I remember that in KH1 the major difference between the jappanese one and the american one was that we got alot of cool stuff like the fight with seriphoth and other. So do you think they might do again and jack the KH2 with even cooler more secretive stuff? I think they will.
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    Know what?

    You know we been getting all these pics and stuff but what I really want to see is the new gummi ship system and a frontal pic of cloud.
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    Do you think...

    Do you think there will be any other forms besides valor and wisdom? I think there probably gonna be a green form called, "Guardian".
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    Riku is BHK

    Okay I seriously havn't been checking in on KHinider latley so I don't know if somebody said this. If you look at the new KH2 poster doesn't BHK look like Riku? I mean seriously what if we've been looking at riku the whole time? Think about it, Riku's body was taken over by ansem, sora kicked...
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    Rpg 2.4

    Hey everybody if you haven't noticed the RPG is finally here. This thread is for questions, comments, and general opinion of the RPG. By the way I'm making a Poll here to see which u liked better last version or this version.
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    What does it do?

    Hey i have the absorb Hp spell. Can somebody tell me what it does? EDIT// Nevermind I just found out and i think i just wasted a buttload of money on it.