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    FF 12 RW news

    http://www.finalfantasytr.com/ff12/revenant-wings/01.jpg http://www.finalfantasytr.com/ff12/revenant-wings/02.jpg http://www.finalfantasytr.com/ff12/revenant-wings/03.jpg http://www.finalfantasytr.com/ff12/revenant-wings/04.jpg I hope these havn't been posted yet but here enjoy Feel free to...
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    What should i choose

    I want a very fun and challangeing expereience should i choose proud mode. I beat Kh1 on expert with ease.
  3. L

    reverse organization

    The story is that........ One day ansem was fusing humans with heartless They mutated and became Half-hearts Half hearts came together and became the 12 order Until one day ansem captured riku and fuse riku with himself and a heartless i only need 12 reverse and 6 heros reverse created heros...
  4. L

    New keyblade

    IT is called hidden dragon Props to my brother for taking pic. unfortunately he didnt tell me anything about its stats EDIT i dont have the final crest pic yet but i will soon thanks Xaldin for telling me it was the hidden dragon from mulan.
  5. L

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom heart 2

    “I casted my body for darkness.The perfect dark warrior Riku somehow escaped my powerful hold over him.I almost had him in castle oblivion.If it wasn’t for Mickey mouse that jackass!!! I shall control Mickey,Riku,and that brat Sora.I am Ansem,the great ruler of darkness.My warriors shall...
  6. L

    full list of disney villans

    here is my disney villan list Disney Villains Hades (Hercules): Still plotting to kill off Hercules, Hades summons Auron to do the job. Jafar (Aladdin): After being turned into a Genie, Jafar was sealed in his lamp. That was until Pete found it. Oogie Boogie (Nightmare Before Christmas): Was...
  7. L

    famous sayings!!!

    Post a famous saying like oh my god its godzilla!!?! also hi to everyone i have been playing final fantasy 11.so i havee decided to come back.
  8. L

    18 b-day

    hey today is my 18th birthday
  9. L

    BHK and sora are to different keybladers

    Okay sora has a keyblade he has no shells BhK has a keyblade to start of with A Keyblader must have a full heart to hold keyblade. I will back that last statement up riku cant make a keyblade apeer tahts because ansem is half of his heart. So Sora and BhK look alot alike but that dosent mean...
  10. L

    kingdom hearts: resident evil

    this is a kh based resident evil. place: deep dive city you can have 2 people either from kh2,resident evil 2 or final fantasy also snipers are the best class cause they have 2 sheilds your people can have 3 weapons name: riku age:21 weapons souleater dark grenade dark sheild mp:150 you use Mp...
  11. L

    12,000 gil invitaitional

    open to everyone under lvl12 best 2 out of 3 it is like a tourney it is lvl 12 or lower now sign up but your stats must be under 700 0.lil_riku 1.whitewigedangel 2.zero_cool 3. 4. 5. anyone elese you fight against me and whoever beats me wins it post your attack and def also lvl if you want to join
  12. L

    bhk is sora's twin

    what if bhk and sora were adopted into different familys and they were twins
  13. L

    New deep dive pic

    http://kh2.co.uk/image.php?image=ddworld1.jpg if you look at the uper left side you see a organization member
  14. L

    jap web site with pics

    i cant get links for pics but this site has new pics http://www.disney.co.jp/interactive/kingdom/2.html if you click a world move your mouse around find a keyblade icon
  15. L

    Star wars battlefront

    who has played it and who likes it what are your favorite army troop world galatic conquest bouneses
  16. L

    asas:twilight town theroies

    i either think asas is twilight town. Other then that i think that deep dive is on one of the destiny islands new2ya dont post in here i mean it little mod baby go cry to the mods wha wha
  17. L

    mickey and riku theory spoiler

  18. L

    Xavier is in beast world

    anyways the dude with the hood is xavier http://graphicext.net/Kingdom%20Boulevard.wmv
  19. L

    riku or sora

    who is better in the game?