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  1. wwinterj

    What is the best PSP to buy?

    I am looking to buy a PSP but there are so many versions that I have no clue what one to get. I am on a budget so don't want PSP Go at all. The main thing I wnat it for of course is the games as I have a PS3, 360 and a PC that can do things like skype and stuff. I don't use a microphone much...
  2. wwinterj

    Download only?

    With the PSP GO due out soon will Birth By Sleep be download only? I hear a few games are going to be download only and this sucks to be as I would want a physical copy of any game.I just hope BBS is not one of them.
  3. wwinterj

    Kingdom Hearts Online?

    I was just thinking with Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days having multiplayer and the possibility of Birth By Sleep having it.Do you think Kingdom Hearts 3 will build on this and even add online support? I also would like to know your thoughts on multiplayer been in Kingdom Hearts or online.Does it...
  4. wwinterj

    I <3 Lamp

    Hello I am new here and possibly older then most members on here :lol: I come here for news on KH a lot but have only just signed to the forums part.I like the site and people don't seem to bad.I think I will enoy my stay here.I have made a few posts but thought why not say hi to everyone and...
  5. wwinterj

    KH RE: COM UK?

    Is there any news on Kingdomdom Hearts RE: chain of memories coming out in UK?It has been about 7 month since USA got it and would like to think if it was coming to UK there would be some info on it. :lol: One of the main reasons I ask this is not only am I a big KH fan like a lot here but the...