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  1. K

    Fanfiction ► you can name it everything

    hello kh mania!i make this trhead in my book so i'm going to post this! note:i'm indonesian i'm not good at grammar at least i can speak english kh_forever=ash dark_aura=dark kh2researcher=sean golden chocobo=golbo (non member) lan ale colonel (npc) kh crew prolouge ash:DARK!where's the...
  2. K

    Fanfiction ► da freakn'' bad @$$ warrior

    this story begin after project riku end vexen:hope this project not failed like last project.. axel:yea vexen:begin the injection! ------INJECTING H2O------ axel:WTF! vexen: ops...sorry ------INJECTING V-CELL--------- axel:what's that? vexen shut up! ------injection failed-----------...
  3. K

    Fanfiction ► ridicilus!SORA GO TO SCHOOL!

    HA!i feel much better after i tormenting him!this trhead is "revenge"from real life! ENJOY!IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT<TELL THE EXCUSE AND SAID STOP!IF YOU LIKE IT,SAY YOUR COMMENT,EXCUSE AND CONTINUE!(the storie is after kh com ended!it's the real life!) sora:i don't want go to school! namine:yea...
  4. K

    Fanfiction ► real life

    haiya kh dudes!since the kh2 release is closing...i make something that(maybe)related to kh2.......oh yeah,if you don't understand something,read kh laugh episode1~duh~ description:riku is mad!whole apartement in neccessarly danger! 12:30 afternoon sora:*yawn*hi kairi kairi:sora you lazy bum...
  5. K

    Fanfiction ► kh life

    hey...i have think sooooooooooooooooooooo long to make it...so hope you like it^^ note:there's a new character i made^^ episode1-begin the journey!- lan:OK!I MADE UP! gex:?????? lan:i'll go to amerika! gex: O_o what about me! lan:ya stay here gex:WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!lo ngenstut amat seeh...
  6. K

    Fanfiction ► double drats!

    hey ya guys,hope ya like it^^ episode1-part1- in a office mysterious boy:zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz mysterious figure:hello mb:woa*fall of chair**brak*ouch!are you a customer? mf:no,i come here to KILL YOU! mb:drats....why you not a customer?! mf:err.....maybe because they we- mb:giga punch!*do some...
  7. K

    Fanfiction ► KH wars

    -arriving time-(part1) in a room mysterius boy:WHAT SHOULD WE DO?! soldier:relax,will ya?all we gotta do is find the keyblade wielder... mysterius boy:I KNOW!BUT DON'T YOU REALIZE THERE IS MUCH WORLD???!!! soldier:hm....'cause the meteor rain the wall is destroyred... mysterius boy:WHAT?!YOU...
  8. K

    kh2 japan ver. is launched!

    well...you can buy this game in the intrenet(like my friends do^^).....it will take a few day to get it,it should be in japan^^ :)
  9. K

    for gamer that in ur city have so many kh mania!

    well...so many gamer is waiting this game(include me :D )...so the first time this game released the game maybe will be the top most wanted game(for kh mania or someone that missed this game(me too :o ))so you better get ready to cannot buy this game(if in ur city is so many kh mania)so u better...
  10. K

    are sora will begin with maximum lv in kh2?

    hiya kh mania dudes! assalamualikum warrahmatullahi wabarokartuh(moslem greetings) well...as you know,sora max lv in kh1 is 100...i'm afraid we will begin the game with maximum level...why?when i see a screenshot...sora's hp is like the kh1 max lv... so if you know what lv we begin...send an...
  11. K

    sora's outfit

    hello(again) hehehe....you know,sora's outfit in kh 2 is totally different and so totally super duper mega cool(i give sora's outfit point ss!),tetsuya nomura says taht sora's outfit have an important role to this game...maybe it because if sora fuse to a character his out fit is change to?we...
  12. K

    a demo of kh 2?(this should be a spoiler)

    hello,i'm diaz,my nick is kh_forever,i live in indonesia ,now the time is 9:4 pm(ind) hmm....i hear from a web that kh 2 is have a demo(?) :eek: ,well i doesn't know if that true or not so don't believe it first...but according to my note,that should be a demo/a trailer...but the other page of...
  13. K

    do u know the true release kh 2?

    hello,my name is diaz,my nick is kh_forever.i live in indonesia,the ctime is 8:10 pm do u know when kh 2 release?i read on a magazine that the kh 2 is release on 10 october,but in a web site(www.ffwarcry.com)the release is on9 september....so then i confused with information itself(a little bit...