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  1. K

    dose anybody no how to put up music vidios

    i made a music vidio last nitgh aand dont n how to put it up on the fourms can someone help me???
  2. K

    did anyone else flip out

    okay did anyone flip out when they first played as mickey. i know i did and it was hella kick ass. also when was the first time u played as him mine was beast castle cause i ran out of potions
  3. K

    cooolest part of kh2

    theres probley been lots of these but i want to no waht was the coolest part for u i would hav to say when sora fought roxas that was so kool or when roxas fought axel i saved a slot right before thta part so i can due it over and over
  4. K

    just one thing ( spoilers)

    okay roxas is soras nobody, whos soras heartless. kh2 it talks about how u beat ansems heartless in kh1. so since sora became a heatless and his nobody ame out (roxas) wouldnt ther be a from of sora in a heartless form????
  5. K

    my theory on the knights!!!!!!!! *spoilers*

    Me n my friend have the whole ending video theory: At the beginning of the video they're all sitting in Destiny Island. First Sora loses his friends like in the game, then he loses Destiny Island. Then Sora and tight-ass looking Riku are at the door to the light, they get Kairi's note, go back...
  6. K

    i have a big question????????????

    in the vidio kh deep dive i slowed it down and just barly i saw this thing that said ansems other report???? is this in kh2 or just somthin nomra threw in there for people who can slow down vidios????????
  7. K

    drive fourms?????

    i want to know can you choose your keyblades wen you go all nuts in fourms when you have 2 keyblades???????????
  8. K

    did anyone notice ?????????????????

    that when sora and the gang were on the road fowlling pluto abd then he see castle oblivien. where did pluto go
  9. K

    kh3 for ps3????????

    my freind who watched the ending vidieo said it left alot of room for kh3. i think kingdom hearts should make a 3rd one for a great ending. as for how long it will take i say 2-4 years so i will17 or 18 and still play the game. for all the yong people who say they wont play it , you are not a...
  10. K

    openning vidieo to kh2

    I watched the opin vidieo and it there was no spolers. but it was a kick @$$ vidieo. a recap of the frist 2 games was a great idea. let me here your thoughts on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!