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    Hello to All

    I never really made a formal introduction, but hello. I'm glad to be here, I guess.
  2. M

    P00P HATERZ CLUB $#^$@#^@@#%@$^$%@$$@#@^$# (more random things in every club's title)

    Join here 2 be an ultra p00p hater! No one likes fecal matter! Fight against all p00 in da universe!!!! Members: -Mint- ozymandius theannoyingthing None. People are too scared to join. Scratch that. Someone joined.
  3. M


    Join the ultimate Guitar Fanclub! Where we talk about... guitar. What else? Talk about anything from techniques to music to your fave song to what you're currently playing. Anything guitar based is fine. Except PLAY guitar! magazine. It sucks. Members: -Mint- (Founder) jump <Ichigo>
  4. M

    Carboxyl Group Fan Club

    This is the fan club for everyone who likes the Carboxyl group in amino acids. Put this in your sig if u wanna join:
  5. M

    Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

    Wow... funniest movie of all time. Easily. I started laughing when the woman was singing in the opening credits, and I didn't stop even till after the credits ended. Honestly, everyone must see this movie. I think women are the only people who won't like it. Jews maybe, but don't forget Sacha...