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    Can you do it BETTER? Can you make it right?

    This is about the games that seems to excite when you hear all the good reviews and previews about, and then when they come out, they end up being a waste of time and money. Basically talk about the games and/or game characters that could have been good, could have been even better, are...
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    Raaage! Who's your Favorite?

    Out of all the character's with anger management problems, who's your favorite Rage-A-Holic? One of my favorites is Vegeta from DBZ. I liked it when he was on Namek a he found out Gohan took his dragonball that he hid in the nearby lake. He went crazy then!ROTFL! But My top rage-a-holic is Vash...
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    He/She can sing?! Check this.

    If you wanted an anime or anime inspired character to sing one your favorite songs or be in a music video, who would it be? Example: What if Neji Hyuga from "Naruto" or Toph from " The Last Avatar" performed "Stop and Stare"? Or Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach did a song from P.O.D.?( Duets are...
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    23 years...feelin kinda old. Sorta.

    Hey people. You probably don't even know me, but I just thought that I should let ya know (if you're interested) that my birthday is tommorrow. That's right on 6-25-08/June 25. I'll be 23 years old. It's a little strange but my joints in my hands and knees have been crackin' like an old person...
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    What would be your theme song?

    Hey. Phoenix here. Just want to know if you could (if you wanted to) change the KH2 theme song to something else or the ending theme to something else what song would you choose? I wouldnt mind going with Jordin Sparks ft. Chris Brown "No Air" for the ending theme and "Where'd you go?" (with the...
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    Hello. I am new here to khinsider

    Hi. Im PhoenixPs24:16. Just want to introduce myself.