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  1. Z

    no kh3?

    The TGS is basicly over and no word on kh3, does this mean it was just a rumor that it will be revealed at TGS?:bored: and that its not true OR maybe they reveal at the end of TGS?:confused:
  2. Z

    different secret ending

    the secret endings to kh1 and khfm are different, in the kh1 riku takes off his eye thingy. then in kh1fm he still has it on. then in kh2 terra,aqua and ven hold 2 keyblades each, then kh2fm they dont have 2 keyblades anymore when fighting MX can anyone shed some light on this? i've always...
  3. Z

    kh3 intro music?

    just like kh1 and 2, and how they're songs can be played backwards i'm guessing kh3 might have a song that can be played backwards too. and if they are making kh3 or starting it do you think they could have already thought of the song?
  4. Z

    forgot disney?

    Have you noticed when nomura made kh1, it was more about disney (eg. princesses). then kh got popular and nomura added more characters (eg. org13) and in kh2 it more about org13 and heartless/nobody and disney stuff weren't as important. Is disney's role in kh gonna get smaller?:confused:
  5. Z

    keyblade transformation

    this vid shows terra's attacks in slow motion to see what they look like:o_O: how many of you have seen this? YouTube - Terra's keyblade transformation.
  6. Z

    when do we see the trailers?

    In the jump festa there was trailers for bbs, 358/2 day and coded. it still hasn't been released for the public. so when do we get to see it? its been like months now:angry:
  7. Z

    who owns kh2fm?

    sorry if this is in the wrong place but how many people own kh2fm?
  8. Z

    ending fights TA

    at the end of kh2 you have to go through the big door and go through a series of fights, until you beat xemnas. how fast can u do it? i got 13:31mins (excluding cutcscene time)
  9. Z

    sora vs terra in bbs?

    i know as sora you can fight terra in kh2fm but in bbs as terra do u think u can fight sora?
  10. Z

    358/2 days release month?

    it has been said that 358/2 days will release in summer. but im in new zealand and different country means different seasons:unsure:, so around what months is summer? cause obiviously i dont know:confused:
  11. Z

    anyone gonna import?

    since the game 1st release in japan some people might not be able to wait for the eng and might import it... is anyone gonna import either 358/2 or bbs?
  12. Z

    next event dates?

    i know that the next events are sony convention and square enix party, but when are they?
  13. Z

    next event?

    what's the next event since tokyo gameshow and jump festa is over? anyone got an idea, i need something to look forward lol
  14. Z

    why japanese?

    why do they release all the kh games 1st in japan? (excluding CoM) there are alot more english people then japanese:closedeyes:, we need it more. why don't they release it in eng then japanese?:cursing:
  15. Z

    kingdom hearts 4?

    i know after the 3 handheld games, they're gonna make kh3 but is kh3 the last game or will there be a kh4?:confused: