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  1. AmaryllisMoth

    Random theory about how Quadratum was created

    Perhaps this is going way off the walls here, but I was considering some old cut scenes the other day and was watching the part where Ansem the Wise uses the Encoder on Xehanort's KH until it ultimately explodes. The Encoder always seemed like the most bizarre piece of technology (other than...
  2. AmaryllisMoth

    How I think the next game will incorporate Disney (and Kairi)

    This literally just popped into my head while I was making breakfast this morning so it isn't the most fully baked idea but hear me out. A lot of people have been questioning how Disney properties are going to be represented in the series going forward, especially in one of the future teased...
  3. AmaryllisMoth

    Weird thought of the day: The Black Box is a "black box".

    To further expand on the title: To make what could be a long-winded story short, for a class of mine I was reading an excerpt of an article written by Miura Atsushi about the general..."boxification" of society (best way I thought of to translate 箱化). Where we are gradually becoming less and...
  4. AmaryllisMoth

    Question about Xehanort's choice of "Darknesses"

    Perhaps this is something that I have forgotten, so I am hoping that someone can maybe clarify or jog my memory here: Was it ever explained why Xehanort wanted who he chose to be his vessels? I get that by the end game he was a bit limited because he had to pick ones that he could have an...
  5. AmaryllisMoth

    I translated Sora's notes in the KH2FM photo album...

    So this is incredibly outdated, and I'm sure I am not the first person to do this but for anyone who is interested, in the Japanese photo album in KH2FM, there are some handwritten notes (and some doodles) that Sora made over all the photos. He shares his thoughts on things that happened during...
  6. AmaryllisMoth

    Sibling relationship between Lea and Kairi?

    So, having watched the footage of the recent trailers this really weird idea popped into my head. What if Lea and Kairi are siblings? I have no idea if anyone ever theorized about this before and I honestly don't see if there is really any point to them being related or not (it isn't...