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  1. EchoFringe49

    How would you rank the Disney Worlds?

    The community has been fairly divisive when it comes to the disney worlds and I feel like there isn't unanimous praise or derision for any of the worlds (except for 100 Acre Woods of course.) I'd personally rank them: 1. The Carribean- Its such a huge, expansive and varied world that's just fun...
  2. EchoFringe49

    What do you think of the lucky emblem system and how many have you found so far?

    I personally love this system, It really makes me want to explore and interact with every nook and cranny of each of the worlds. I've got 27 and am up to Arendelle rn, just received doubleflight and air slide #2 which should hopefully make finding them easier.
  3. EchoFringe49

    KHInsider and Easy Allies collaboration?

    I noticed this on the EZA schedule, pretty cool that ya'll are working with the guys again (if you didn't know EZA are the ex-Gametrailers guys and KHI helped with the Gametrailers kingdom hearts timeline) https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCZrxXp1reP8E353rZsB3jaA
  4. EchoFringe49

    What are your expectations for 2.8?

    My hype for this game was pretty low at first, but the last few trailers have really won me over. This is probably the game I'm looking forward to the most next year now, so as a result, I've got some high expectations. -I have a feeling that 0.2 will be one of my favourites in the series...
  5. EchoFringe49

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Red Dead Redemption 2 announced for PS4, Xbox One - Gematsu Its about time :D
  6. EchoFringe49

    Anime/Manga ► Danganronpa 3: The End of Hopes Peak (series spoilers)

    Is anyone else watching this? So far its really exceeding my expectations.
  7. EchoFringe49

    The abandoned members of the original OrgXIII

    Lets just assume that Luxord, Saix, Xigbar, Xemnas and Marluxia are the the only originals in the new Org. (based on the chess scene) Would you like to see the rest of the originals be a part of the story? If so, would you rather see them as allies or side-villains? Do you have any particular...
  8. EchoFringe49

    KH 2.8 PSN Demo incoming?

    This is from the Kinda Funny LP of Deus Ex. Someone in the comments pointed out that on the right side of the screen, there's a picture of the KH2.8 logo. Its very possible that this is a press-only thing, but i'm gonna be hopeful and say we'll recieve a PSN demo soon
  9. EchoFringe49

    Would you like Audio logs in place of journal entries/reports?

    Audio logs are pretty common in videogames nowadays, so i could see KH3 following that trend. They'd be a lot more engaging in my opinion. If Mark Hamill comes to voice Eraqus, I would love to see him voicing the majority of them, with some obvious exclusions like the secret Xehanort reports
  10. EchoFringe49

    Tetsuya Nomura interview on KH3 and 2.8| KH3 will release almost simultaneously worldwide

    Tetsuya Nomura discusses Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8, III, and more - Gematsu
  11. EchoFringe49

    KHUX coming to IOS and Android in Europe "soon"

    https://twitter.com/KINGDOMHEARTS/status/740552327812292608 pls don't make me start all over again square :/
  12. EchoFringe49

    Ranks A-E?

    In the party members section, there's a letter ranking next to each character. Can someone tell me what the rank is based on? It doesn't seem to be based on weekly lux, power or quest progression.
  13. EchoFringe49

    When does the story start to open up?

    I asked in this http://forums.khinsider.com/kingdom-hearts-unchained/210649-what-your-thoughts-game-so-far.html thread but didn't get any answers.
  14. EchoFringe49

    What are your thoughts on the game so far?

    I'm up to quest 18 and so far i'm really enjoying it. Gameplay is fun, music is as good as you'd expect and the artstyle is really cute. I'm also surprised at how generous the game is when it comes to jewels. My one complaint is that quests are way too short and that doesn't seem to be changing...
  15. EchoFringe49

    Danganronpa Series-DR3 Anime airing now

    I didn't see a thread so I thought I should make one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3imyvTO3JA I was a bit wary when I heard that the end of the trilogy would made into an anime but the fact that its going to show DR2s cast as they're getting indoctrinated by Junko is pretty awesome and...
  16. EchoFringe49

    Image of Daybreak Town in KHUX Back Cover

    https://mobile.twitter.com/_KINGDOMHEARTS/status/714437815166066688 this kinda came out of nowhere but apparently this is for the 14th anniversary its a bit less colourful than other KH worlds but still looks pretty great
  17. EchoFringe49

    What are some of your favourite games?

    Paper Mario: TTYD- this is probably the only game i consider to be perfect, easily my GOAT The World Ends With You- a very important game to me with some very relatable themes KH1-the best KH game imo. the combat is definitely better in KH2 but kh1 beats it in pretty much every other area Mass...
  18. EchoFringe49

    What are your dream game announcements?

    TWEWY2 Red Dead 3 Parasite Eve remake Ghost Trick 2 (a proper) Paper Mario rpg a FF game set in Ivalice kid icarus nx Red Dead 3 is the only one of these i can see happening unfortunately
  19. EchoFringe49

    What type of game do you want FF16 to be?

    FF15 is being released this year which means a 16 announcement shouldn't be too far off I'm hoping for something like FF12 in terms of gameplay and depth with a story and tone similar to FF6. I'd like to see square set it in a strange setting like the one we saw in that Agni's philosophy tech demo.
  20. EchoFringe49

    Best and worst voice performances in the series

    Best: Disney-Hades FF-Leon Original-Ansem, SOD (particularly in KH1) I also loved the TWEWY cast in 3D despite Joshua not sounding how I expected him to. Worst: Disney-Jasmine FF-Aerith Original-Terra (I know Aqua's VA gets a lot of flack but i thought she was pretty good, especially compared...