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  1. M

    unlockable mission troubles

    I was looking through here and found one thread about what im about to ask but its still unclear to me the answer so i apoligize for my ignorance (is that the right word?) I already beat the game and im going over everything in holo missions to get all unity signals and chests but i realized im...
  2. M


    Alright, this is the first time i'm online in just under a year on this website so if there's already a thread about this just someone delete it cause i'm pretty clueless right now. Did the organazation ever find the chamber/room of sleep and that other thing? If so when?
  3. M

    Sephiroth lowest level

    i just made this for KH1 now for KH2. What was the lowest level you ever beat sephiroth at in kh2? for me i think 20 er 21. he was sooooooooooo easy in kh2. now im aiming for 15 if thats even possible without cheating:toungesmile:
  4. M

    Sephiroth lowest level

    What was the lowest level you beat sephiroth at? for me in KH1 its aound 37 er 38. took long time to do that. right now im working on between 28 and 30 if i can get that far with that low level :toungesmile:
  5. M

    Post your pet

    I made this a long time ago and i was gonna go post one of my grandparents dogs a few miniutes ago but i guess it got deleted or something. So i thought i'd bring it back since i didnt see anyone else continue it. Anyway you should get it by the title. Just like post your picture just with your...
  6. M

    Midgar in kh3?

    ~please read this before thery~ my scearch thingy isnt working so please dont flame if the thery was already taken also if it was confirmed by nomura that im wrong please first poster say that and then ill have someone close this. Anyway i think for kh3 they might bring in midgar. for those of...
  7. M

    Lit ► R.L. Stine

    i made this thread out of curiosity. i wanna know how many people like and dont like this kids horror writer. i know most people love him (includeing me,obsesed with goosebumps) but some arent as likeing to his books. im not giveing the name but one forum member hates him. im gonna try...
  8. M

    Lit ► good horror books

    i saw the good horror movie thread and atomaticley thought of goosebumps. i love horror stuff. liveing it, watching it, and reading it. so aside from goosebumps what other horror books could i read. and seriously as good as he is something scarier then r.l.stine
  9. M

    the retarted game game

    1) pick any game already made that you like a lot 2) find something good or bad about it 3) post here in a funny way how its retarted example: (for this game) this game is retarted cause the name is retarted 4) have fun 5) dont let the game die out ill start the the ask a stupid question get...
  10. M

    garfield or odie?

    i know i made a poll of this before but i couldnt find it so ill ask again whos better garfield or odie? *bonus question* for anybody here who is nice i will ofer a chance for an added 1 rep point boost. i drew a picture of both garfield (see sig, too big wont be there for long) and odie. the...
  11. M

    The Chris Angel Club

    Criss Angel is my idol and i just found the fanclub section a little while ago. When i saw it i happened to be watching Chris Angel. So i thought id make a fan club. theres 2 rules 1) you must have fun 2) you must say how obsessed you are with Chris Angel my favorite is the walk across lake...
  12. M

    the thought game

    Ok heres how it works. somebody comes up with a thought. then they post as many *'s that there are in there word your thinking of. only give 1 hint. once at least 5 people guess what it is either you can keep going till you get it right or someone can yell "PARLEY!" lets start im thinking of a...
  13. M

    best organization 13 weapon

    What was you fav. weapon in the org.13?
  14. M

    Best Weapon

    Ok somebody said in the best keyblade poll i made that there should be a best weapon. so im doing that now. vote,have fun,discuss:thumbsup:
  15. M

    Best keyblade

    So sad...this is the last best keyblade poll:cry: ok so yeah whats your fav.one?
  16. M

    Best keyblade

    Ok i just did this in kh1 so i'll do it here too. what was your fav. keyblade? can be from kh2fm
  17. M

    Best keyblade

    Ok so im really bored and im runing low on ideas cause im tired so this is what i came up with. What was you favorite keyblade? it can be from kh1fm
  18. M

    comment the user name

    comment on the person that posted before you user name. be funny and sarcasim is allowed
  19. M

    i need tips

    im writeing a 5 book series based on a wooden ventriliquest dummy that comes to life Even Dummies Have Their Time To Shine The Awakening book 1 Chapter 1 - In which Mike and Dan get in over their head Once there were four great friends named Daniel,Gianni,Brandon,and Michael and...
  20. M

    Battle of the Jacks click here to see what i mean

    Jack Sparrow vrs. Jack Skellington whoever saw both movies will know this is a hard call Sparrow died and came back and defeated Davy Jones (yes he is a dead-nondead person) Skellingtone has always been dead and was blown to smitheriens and came back from that and defeated oggie boggie Who...