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  1. Ranma

    Helium Glitch

    I've discovered a neat glitch in the Toy Box world that I haven't heard anyone talk about yet. I'm sure many already know that there's an humorous high-pitched exchange between your party members when you attack the helium tank in Galaxy Toys. But if you trigger Woody showing you the window to...
  2. Ranma

    0.2 Aqua Rolling Animation

    With Kingdom Hearts III coming next year, I decided to boot up 0.2 again and play around with the physics. I was interested in seeing how Aqua handled going up and down hills. I wanted to draw comparions to Final Fantasy XV, as Square Enix employees reportedly went on actual hikes in order to...
  3. Ranma

    Final Episode

    I have unlocked the "Final Episode" of Birth by Sleep, and I am not at a desirable level to proceed. So, I was thinking that maybe I should go to another world, so I can level up. However, I'm afraid to go any further; this system of so many saves is confusing me. Right now I'm at the very...
  4. Ranma

    Org. XIII Cards

    I've heard that you can obtain special boss cards for each Organization member, including the ones that you don't meet until Kingdom Hearts II. First off, is this true? And if it is, how do you acquire them? I can't seem to find out much about them anywhere! D': Please help!
  5. Ranma


    I'm looking for a video that would tell all the viewers how great Kingdom Hearts is, and especially that it isn't just for small children because it is partly Disney.
  6. Ranma

    Darkside in Twilight Town

    For what purpose do the Organization have to be in Twilight Town? Is Ansem the Wise there? With Riku? Is it the real or data Twilight Town? Twilight Town has always had a special purpose every time we had to visit. It wasn't like any of the other worlds (Disney). And... why are they fighting...
  7. Ranma

    Heartless or Nobody

    Which do you like better?
  8. Ranma

    KH Summon

    Who's your favorite? In KH1, I LOVED Tinker Bell. Bambi was cool too... and in KH2, I didn't really like any summon... but Stitch was great in certain tournaments
  9. Ranma

    Favorite FF Thing

    Look at poll choices. Then you'll see what I mean
  10. Ranma

    Favorite Optional Boss

    Whos your favorite Optional Boss in KH?
  11. Ranma

    Other playable characters

    Who would you like to be playable in BBS? This is... besides the ones already confirmed (Terra, Aqua, and Ven).
  12. Ranma

    358/2 Days to Org. XIII

    Dumb idea, I know. Just wanted to share it... even though it is just a dumb idea that occured to me... even though it doesn't really make sense. Who knows? It could help someone else come up with something. 3 - Xaldin (I believe that his other is DS) 5 - Lexeaus (The Silent Hero... I think that...
  13. Ranma

    Ansem isn't Ansem

    I'm just wondering you're reaction when you found out that the Ansem we knew from KHI was really Xehanort's heartless. For me, I was like... out of it for a moment... and then just as Sora, Donald, and Goofy said it... I was like "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???" Hahahah... It was so funny.
  14. Ranma

    Mega Theory

    We've had enemies from the darkness (Heartless) and enemies that were the shells of the ones who lost their hearts to the heartless (Nobodies, Nothingness, Twilightish). Now... according to Kairi's grandmother's story: Long time ago... everyone loved the light. But everyone wanted it so they...
  15. Ranma


    I made this thread because I'm wondering why everyone thinks VAT (and possibly DS) are wearing armor in the secret endings. In the actual game, we know that VAT don't wear armor... but Ven does have a little bit on his shoulder... I'm sorry that this isn't a theory... I just want to see other...
  16. Ranma


    I don't think that I've seen a thread about this anywhere... or any mention of it anywere... so I'm going to bring it up. In the beginning of the original secret ending from KHII... at the very beginning when it says those phrases like "The Keyblade is said to hold phenomanal power. One legend...
  17. Ranma

    Another (short) DS theory

    I was thinking... its nothing big or anything but I've changed my mind on the identity of the DS. I think that DS is Dilan, the other of Xaldin. I don't have much proof to back this up... but notice how DS rides the Keyblades MX summons. It reminds me a lot of the thing that Xaldin used. He was...
  18. Ranma

    358/2 Days Idea

    Roxas had a heart because Sora wasn't still a heartless, right? Roxas wanted to be reunited with Sora because many of the other members could never have the chance. Axel also displays more emotion than a lot of other members. I believe that Nomura confirmed that Axel's Heartless was defeated. I...
  19. Ranma


    Boy loves girl. Girl loves boy. Girl is a princess. Girl loses heart. Boy must travel to other worlds to save her. Boy travels with two other people, who become his friends. One is a mage. Am I talking about Kingdom Hearts? No. I'm talking about Syaoran and Sakura from CLAMP'S Tsubasa...
  20. Ranma

    Does the RPG Inferno work?

    Because I can't get it to work. If it doesn't, plz just tell me