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  1. -Roxas-XIII-

    News ► Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX Game Guide Delayed + Images

    Instead of ordering it online I was planning to simply go pick it up at any number of locations which normally have strategy guides (EB Games, Coles, Chapters, Walmart, Best Buy, Future Shop) but NONE of them show it in stock on their websites. I also went to several of those stores to check in...
  2. -Roxas-XIII-

    Not bad at all...

    Or, since you'll probably have Ars Arcanum by that point, you can just beat them in under 30 seconds flat. Don't get me wrong, I like COM, but the battle system is totally broken. Filling your deck with a bunch of Ars Arcanum sleights and the Jafar card enables you to wipe the floor with any...
  3. -Roxas-XIII-

    News ► Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX Game Guide Delayed + Images

    Does anyone know if it will be available in stores like EB Games? (it's a division of Gamestop BTW). I ask because I can't see it on any of their sites... I really want to pick it up in person, not ordered through online sites.
  4. -Roxas-XIII-

    New Keyblades

    Why does everyone think Critical mode is so hard? It's only hard if you decide to equip Zero EXP, other than that i find it even easier than proud mode because of all of the extra abilities and AP you get. I agree with Gram. They should up the difficulty of all 4 of the game modes to bring it...
  5. -Roxas-XIII-

    Which are you more excited for?

    This is a tough decision because I have both of them already so it wont be anything new for me either way. KH2FM is probably my favorite game of all time, so I'm really goanna love playing that on the PS3. I've played through the entire game in English and HD on my PC already, but it will be...
  6. -Roxas-XIII-

    Data Battles

    Yes. /25 characters.......
  7. -Roxas-XIII-

    New Keyblades

    There will likely be no new content added to either KH2FM or BBSFM. The only new things in 1.5 were the Combo Master and Zero EXP abilities in KH1FM, the use of reaction commands, and the new Keyblade cards in Re:COM. Considering how most of that was only added to bring the aging battle system...
  8. -Roxas-XIII-

    What would you change about KH2?

    Maleficent's role. It would have been easy to implement her into the story a bit more, perhaps even add a boss fight in HB with her just before the final visit to Twilight Town. ....oh and Aerith's vice.
  9. -Roxas-XIII-

    So now that 2.5 HD is real...

    Re: So now that 2.5 HD is real.... Best case: March for Japan, June worldwide. Worst case: June for Japan, December worldwide. The chances are it will be somewhere in-between this.
  10. -Roxas-XIII-

    I can't find random synthesis components

    Re: I can't find random synthesis componentsH No Problem, and welcome to the forums :)
  11. -Roxas-XIII-

    I can't find random synthesis components

    Re: I can't find random synthesis componentsH All of those materials are dropped from the new 'special' heartless in various places. Here's a list of what heartless drops the item and where to find them. Power Stone - Sniperwild. Traverse Town: 2nd district Lightning Stone - Black Ballade...
  12. -Roxas-XIII-

    So who else is just soaking it in?

    Yeah, it makes that battle go so much faster. It's a 1 hit drop if you use gravity, but it takes about 3 combos worth of regular hits to drop the platform. Gravity is very overpowered all the way up until you rescue Kairi. Since it takes off a % of HP it is OP against large enemies such as...
  13. -Roxas-XIII-

    Kingdom Hearts Final Mix - Good Synthesis Material Grinding Spots?

    You not only need Gale's to get the Ultima Weapon, but you need Stormy Stone's as well which only drop from Neoshadows. They are only encountered in the room right before Final Rest, so therefore its completely impossible to get Ultima before getting to the game's last save point.
  14. -Roxas-XIII-

    Pink Agaricus Heartless Frustration

    I don't even know why anyone would want the Prime Cap anyway..... It's arguably one of the worst accessories in the game.
  15. -Roxas-XIII-

    Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Game Manual

    So the Japanese copy of the game has an English manual with screencaps from the English version of the game which was not even finished yet when the manual would have had to been printed?
  16. -Roxas-XIII-

    Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Game Manual

    Wait a minute! There's a manual??!?!? O.o What kind of nonsense is this? Why did the Limited Edition only come with a 2 page sheet that only has controls? What versions of the game got this larger manual?
  17. -Roxas-XIII-

    Have a problem

    Re: Have A Problem The 2nd Navi-G Piece is obtained by defeating Captain Hook. It provides the directions to Hollow Bastion. If you have just finished Traverse Town for the second time, you should already be able to head to Agrabah because the Navi Gummi for that route is the one you got back...
  18. -Roxas-XIII-

    Missing dalmatians 43, 44, 45

    Re: missing dalmatians 43, 44, 45 The location of those puppies was moved in Final Mix in order to allow someone to get them without having to beat Phantom. The new location of puppies 43, 44, and 45 is from the white trinity mark on the deck of Hook's ship.
  19. -Roxas-XIII-

    KH1.5 will use original English voices?

    Something I'm curious about is Sephiroth's VA. He was vocied by Lance Bass in the original KH1 and KH1FM, but they recorded new Japanese voices for him in 1.5. Does this mean that, for the English release, they will replace Lance Bass with George Newbern who voiced Sephiroth in KH2 and FF7AC...
  20. -Roxas-XIII-

    Spoilers ► KH HD 1.5 ReMIX Spoiler-Free Impressions + Streams (Tag dem Days stuff)

    ...which completely defeats the point of having a lv1 mode in the game.... From what I've seen in lv1 palythroughs, the only changes to the game mechanics appear to be a reduction in enemy STR values, and automatic Second Chance and MP Haste abilities. Sora still does very little damage to...