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  1. Vəntus

    Hatsune Miku Project Diva!

    So, I did a search for Hatsune Miku and nothing came up, so I decided to make a thread for it. Who here has Project Diva F? Or if they're a huge fan like me, all the previous Project Divas? I'm hoping to buy a digital version of Project Diva F 2nd when I go back to Qatar, the songs are so...
  2. Vəntus

    Garry's Mod 2

    Yeah, there was another thread and it's nearly a year old and I just decided to start a new thread so yeah discuss. Also, Lightning:
  3. Vəntus

    Music I made

    Just a bunch of FF/KH tracks I decided to screw with and make techno, except a few of the KH tracks/FF tracks, tried to replicate them if they were rerecorded FFXIII-style: theerryk's sounds on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  4. Vəntus

    I used memegenerator to make something completely unfunny and unoriginal, you can too!

    Here's the link to the generator: Nomura-san | Meme Generator Enjoy!
  5. Vəntus

    Fanfiction ► My try at game fanfiction that...

    ...I didn't write by choice. I was told by my English teacher to write about flying or soaring so I chose Dahaka and Taejin's tower. Not so much a try as I've written plenty fanfictions, just none that I really went in-depth with, as the fanfictions I've written were original ideas rather...
  6. Vəntus

    Kingdom Hearts goes Techno

    Tracklisting: 1 Night of Fate 2 Welcome to Wonderland 3 To Our Surprise 4 Hand in Hand 5 Dance of the Daring 6 Sinister Sundown 7 Byte Bashing 8 Sacred Moon 9 Xion Theme 10 Rowdy Rumble 11 Old Friends, Old Rivals 12 Spooks of Halloween Town 13 Hollow Bastion 14...
  7. Vəntus

    Hello World

    Hello people of KHI, I am Erry, longtime KH fan. I've killed KH for my brother and sister; obsessing over BBS' various rumored releases, making KH music with Garageband... yeah I pretty much went all out, so hi.