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  1. Fractured_Heart628

    Fanfiction ► Be Gone

    Sorry, if I have been gone. So many things have came up. Be Gone Over the endless darkness, a boy falls. His mind is racing a thousand places. He can't raise his head or any part of his body. It's like the darkness has a tight grip on him. He manages to raise his head against the...
  2. Fractured_Heart628

    Swap Magic

    Hi, my name is xiolio_tiessa628. I have a question regarding Swap Magic. I have a PS2 Slim and I've been thinking about getting Swap Magic. My question is simple. What type of Swap Magic should I get? And, how expensive is it to get them? Do they really work on the American PS2? What...
  3. Fractured_Heart628

    Fanfiction ► Punishment and an annoying little sister

    Punishment and an Annoying Sister One-shot by xiolio_tiessa628 Kairi sat on the porch swing outside of a brick house with a blue roof. Riku and Sora were headed towards the house. Kairi smiled and waved at them. Sora smirked and looked at Riku, “First one to Kairi wins.”...
  4. Fractured_Heart628

    Fanfiction ► The Bathroom That Never Was

    This is just a one-shot inspired by a sketch I drew a while ago about Demyx and Larxene. The Bathroom That Never Was “Hey Marly, do you wanna see something funny today?” Xigbar chuckled. Marluxia rolled his eyes and sighed, “You know, I don’t like being called Marly. My name is Marluxia not...
  5. Fractured_Heart628

    Fanfiction ► Xion's departure

    ~Scar~ Two girls sat at a white table in two ivory chairs. The first girl had long light, blonde hair that was tousled over her right shoulder. She had a white dress that reached all the way to her knees and a pair of light, blue sandals on her large feet. Her blue eyes stared across the...
  6. Fractured_Heart628


    I have a dog named Exodus. I got him from the pound in November and since I've gotten him he's been a knuckle-head. He loves to run and sometimes he gets out of the house and runs out, like today. I am having a hard time with him. I don't have the money for a backyard and I live in a three...
  7. Fractured_Heart628


    I am exhausted. I have been having some problems at home with not having a job and going to college. I got a dog and I'm afraid of losing him, but there's been some problems that I've been having with him and if I don't get my act straight I'll lose him. I feel overburdened. And, to make...
  8. Fractured_Heart628

    How come King Mickey didn't recognize Apprentice Xehanort as Terra?

    I've been thinking about this for sometime now. You remember in KH2 when King Mickey finally realized that Xemnas was Apprentice Xehanort's Nobody in that cutscene where he was visiting Ansem the Wise. And, in the secret ending of Re:Coded, Yen Sid and King Mickey discuss Ven's heart and how...
  9. Fractured_Heart628

    Help: trouble logging into Play-Asia

    I am not sure if this is in the right section. But, if it isn't. The mods or admins are welcome to move it. Anyways, I am having trouble logging into Play-Asia. They won't let me log in, because my account doesn't match up. And, whenever I get a code it always says that it's wrong whenever...
  10. Fractured_Heart628

    Fanfiction ► Lea and Isa

    This is a one-shot to the aftermath of Birth By Sleep. I hope you like it. It's been a while since I last wrote a fanfic. ~Birth by Sleep~ Lea had promised Isa’s mom that he would watch over her precious boy. Now, we felt really bad for breaking that promise. First, he and his friend...
  11. Fractured_Heart628

    Journey Completion

    I need help with completing Jiminy's Journal. I'm trying to complete all the missions, but most of them never seem to work. I tried beating Sephiroth, but that back fired in my face considering I was level 46 or something. I only have seven missions left to go. Anyone have any tips to help...
  12. Fractured_Heart628

    Cheating Devices: Chest Request

    I recently got Kingdom Hearts II and I'm playing it for the second time. I'm playing it on Standard Mode and I have yet to get the eighteenth chest in Twilight Town. It's in Twilight Town-Mysterious Tower. I couldn't get it the first time, because I was totally unaware of it. If anyone's got any...
  13. Fractured_Heart628

    Selling My Stuff

    I know this is going to sound desperate, but I am wanting to make a few extra bucks. I have a ton of stuff in my closet, but I don't know if anyone will pay for it. If anyone can help me get some ideas for getting rid of my stuff, please let me know. I'm trying to get enough cash to buy the...
  14. Fractured_Heart628

    Heartless Forms?

    Hi, my name is Xiolio_tiessa and I'm working on an idea for Heartless forms. I'm working on a picture right now of people from Radiant Garden in Heartless form. So far, I've got Xehanort's Heartless as he first appeared in KH. Lea and Isa as Neoshadows and Ienzo as a Shadow Heartless. Anyone...
  15. Fractured_Heart628

    Fanfiction ► All I Ever Wanted

    "I don't care what the risks are. I just want Roxas back. If that means turning Sora into Heartless, so be it." pleaded a red headed man kneeling on his knees. "All right, but you have to bring him here. I already have something planned for him." smirked the green-skinned, horned witch known...
  16. Fractured_Heart628

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts III: Sora's Goodbye

    PROLOUGE "Well, I guess we better be going, Riku." said Sora. "Yeah, we'll catch you later, Kairi." exclaimed Riku. The boys walked off to a giant Gummi ship. King Mickey stood in front of the vessel with Donald and Goofy. "Your majesty, how did you get here so quickly?"...
  17. Fractured_Heart628

    Final Fantasy VII: Future of Midgar

    Plot Midgar has changed in the past 600 years since Zack Fair died and passed the Buster Sword to Cloud Strife. The streets are cleaner and Midgar is one of the wealthiest cities in the world. But, not all as it seems, Shinra, Wutai, AVANLANCHE, and all other organizations have gone into...
  18. Fractured_Heart628


    Here are some poems of mine. Tell me what you think of it. Loneliness Loneliness is my rose. Always kept close to my heart never to leave my side. It's scarlett petals fall one by one, but I still never let it go. It watches the other flowers outside envying them for their joy. It's only...
  19. Fractured_Heart628

    My Would-Be Contest Drawing and Other Artwork

    This my first time in this section. I do a lot of drawing. This first drawing of mine is Lea and Isa. If I had gotten it scanned during the Boxart Contest, I would have entered it. But, I never got around to scanning it until recently. What do you think?
  20. Fractured_Heart628

    Phantoms of the Hearts

    Prolouge: "Tevin, you can't leave me here alone!" cried a little, curly red-headed girl. A taller curly red-headed boy patted her head and whispered to her softly, "Don't worry, Tiessa, I'll be back for you in the future. But, I have to do to protect your existence." He pulled his hand away...