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  1. Twilightheaven

    Square Enix explains why KH3 is not coming to the Wii U

    Square Enix Reveals Why Kingdom Hearts 3 And Final Fantasy XV Won’t Be Coming To Wii U | My Nintendo News Don't know if this was posted but this was posted today. Honestly I am not buying the explaination. What do you guys think?
  2. Twilightheaven

    KH3D won best 3DS and RPG at Gamer's choice 2012

    2012 Gamers' Choice Awards winners announced | news10.net So KH3D won best 3DS and RPG game at the Gamer's choice awards. Thoughts?
  3. Twilightheaven

    KH3d up for best Handheld game at the Golden Joystick awards

    Best Handheld | Golden Joystick Awards 2012 Apparently we can vote on the nominations and KH3D is nominated for best Handheld game.
  4. Twilightheaven

    News ► Monsters Inc 2, Toy Story 4, Finding Nemo 2 has been green lit

    'Finding Nemo 2,' 'Toy Story 4' & 'Monsters Inc. 2' Plans In The Works For Pixar & Disney - International Business Times My reaction is this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umDr0mPuyQc&feature=related
  5. Twilightheaven

    TV ► Viacom-Direct TV dispute

    DirecTV-Viacom Dispute May Affect Access for 20 Million Customers - NYTimes.com Ahh man no Legend of Korra. Damn it!!!!:mad::mad::mad:
  6. Twilightheaven

    KH3D E3 2012 Trailer Released!

    KH3D E3 2012 Trailer Released!*-*Kingdom Hearts Insider oFTqYH9e-pI
  7. Twilightheaven

    Teacher Yells at Student for asking a question on Obama

    NC teacher reportedly suspended after telling student not to criticize Obama | Fox News Here's the video of the incidenthttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjpWaESn_9g&feature=youtube_gdata_player I am stunned at this. What are your thoughts on this?
  8. Twilightheaven

    Kingdom hearts in top 100 best video games of the complex decade

    Kingdom Hearts — The 100 Best Video Games Of The Complex Decade | Complex We are ranked #21 on the list. Awesome!!!
  9. Twilightheaven

    Surprise at the Credits for KH 3D

    I just stumbled upon a bit of news dealing with the credits for the upcoming Kh 3d game. I don't know if it was recently or not. Nomura Teases A First Ever "Surprise" During Kingdom Hearts 3D's End Credits | Siliconera
  10. Twilightheaven

    TV ► Monsuno

    Last night, Nick introduced Monsuno and I watched it. Overall I though it was a good show so far. I like the characters and the battles are awesome. The only complaint about it was the opening song. Post a comment about the show here.
  11. Twilightheaven

    Smithsoian Art of Video Game results

    Hey guys i just got the results from the Art os video game results from today. http://americanart.si.edu/exhibitions/archive/2012/games/winninggames.pdf All i got to say is WOW i can't believe Okami beat KH2 and FFX.
  12. Twilightheaven

    Film ► Winnie the Pooh Movie 2011

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbFz--GCkOM&feature=player_embedded Holy crap a winnie the pooh movie and its hand drawn. AWESOME!!!
  13. Twilightheaven

    Will we see Vexen in KH3??

    I know this is a stupid question but I was reading the new chapters of kh2 and out comes th 44th replica of Vexen. So my question is will we see this person again? Here is the link to the chapters. Kingdom Hearts 2 18 page 01 | One Manga Kingdom Hearts 2 19 page 01 | One Manga
  14. Twilightheaven

    Card Games on Motorcycles

    CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES. If u know what this means then say it loud and say it proud.
  15. Twilightheaven

    The legend of Sora?

    Okay sry for the title pwn but is it just me or has KH starting to become more like the legend of zelda? With the reports of 3 new KH games and that it deals with Sora being the hero and all.
  16. Twilightheaven

    A recap of what happened to terra, ven and aqua after BBS.

    I just wanted to make sure that i got this correct. Terra is the LS from the kh2FM. Xehanort is fused with Terra and was the Ansem's apprentice that we know became the heartless and the nobody named xemnas. Ven is still alive but is at the room of awakened. And Aqua is stuck at the world of...
  17. Twilightheaven

    Ventus unmasked and Ven vs Ventus Unmasked pic

    sry about the last thread. And thanks to the people that helped in the last thread.
  18. Twilightheaven

    Ventus unmasked plus ven vs ventus unmasked pic *SPOILERS*

    sry i dont have a spoiler box wraped around it. I don't know where the spoiler box is. edit: i don't know why the pictures is not beeing shown can. can someone tell me how to get the pictures from my settings to here.
  19. Twilightheaven

    3d stuff from school

    this is a test to see if my photo will show up edit it did not show up but her is a link that shows the album of what i did at school. Direct x photos | Facebook
  20. Twilightheaven

    Riku of Xion

    Which boss battle are you most excited to battle? I'd prefer Riku on this one. Sry the title was suppose to be Riku or Xion.