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  1. fantasy08

    In the name of Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit or In Jesus name? Which one is the correct way?

    I want to get baptized because I feel like its time. I went to a few bible studies at some churches in my town and finally settled on one that is having a revival all this week, and will do a mass baptism to those who want it Friday as a conclusion. I asked an usher at the church yesterday what...
  2. fantasy08

    Married women who don't take their husband's last name? Your opinions.

    A topic made out of mild curiosity and boredom lol :) How do you feel about women who decide not to take their husband's last name when they are married? Also how do you feel about men who take their wife's last name when they are married? What about hyphenating the last names?
  3. fantasy08

    Can a male and female just be friends? Why or Why not?

    What it says on the tin lol. Is it impossible because sex will eventually get in the way? If it does come up which gender do you think will initiate that line of thinking first? Can you still just be friends if attraction is present? Or can both truly have a fun, no romantic strings attached...
  4. fantasy08

    Are TAV a disappointment?

    Was written by Agent_Scarn from gamefaqs. What do you think of his opinion? Discuss. " Terra: The shallowest of the shallow. So bloody worthless. You can't just keep saying "darkness." It means nothing. It's a buzzword. What is darkness? Anger? Angry about what? He's admired. Respected...
  5. fantasy08

    Who are your least favorite original characters?

    I mean just original characters. No disney. Definitely tell why if you want. I personally love reading debate like reasons,but you don't have to do it that way if you don't want.:) Original characters are: SRK,TAV,Organization members including the 14th,Diz, Namine,AnsemSOD,Riku Replica, MX...
  6. fantasy08

    Your Favorite ► Who are your least favorite orginal chracters in the series?

    I mean just original characters. No disney. Definitely tell why if you want. I personally love reading debate like reasons,but you don't have to do it that way. You could just list your least favs and be done if that's what you want :) Original characters are: SRK,TAV,Organization members...
  7. fantasy08

    Kingdom Hearts Series section vs. Forum games where should it go?

    I want to make a thread titled least favorite orginal chracters in the series,but even after reading the sticky I'm still not 100% sure where to put it. I also want to ask that the posters put the characters they list in sort of a mini debate format if that helps. Thank-you :)
  8. fantasy08

    Opinions on Namine?

    I'm curious. I rarely see anyone talk about her. Good or bad. So I want to know people's personal opinions,and how does she mesh up for you in regards to the three other female protagonists in the series. :)
  9. fantasy08

    Why do so many people hate Hope? Spoilers just in case

    Considering the outright loathing I've seen when it comes to his character saying he's the scrappy would be an understatement.:( I for one adore the boy,and I honestly found nothing wrong with his personality at all. I found him human, and he had the best character development next to Sazh...
  10. fantasy08

    Out of BBS and Days....

    In your opinion which had the Better story Better character development of the characters themselves and their trio. Better human dialog Better characters overall And why? :)
  11. fantasy08

    Nooblet question about Tinyurl.

    So I can make a tinyurl. For example this site would be http://tinyurl.com/5ow3d2. However, if I wanted it to actually say Kingdom Hearts, while still being a tinyurl, how would I do that? I see a lot of links, in people's sigs here, that have done what I'm trying to do. I thought doing custom...
  12. fantasy08

    Need help finding HQ pics of Aqua, Axel, Saix, Lea, and Isa.

    I posted this in the resources thread and haven't had a whiff of help for two weeks so I'll try again here. Thanks This is my first time doing this ever so bear with me please. :) I want to get someone to make a sig, but I need high quality pics first. Here's the people I want pics of. Thanks...
  13. fantasy08

    HTTP 404 - File not found error? Help

    I keep getting this error for this site everytime I try to post something longer than a paragraph. I cleared my cookies and cache and still the same error. It only happens here and just recently.
  14. fantasy08

    Dear Organiztion member etc.

    Tried this a long time a ago in the wrong section so let's see how I do in the right one. Basically it's like the Dear Abby columns. In this game you must ask a question then the next poster will answer the "Dear whomever" letter.The question can be from organization members to organization...
  15. fantasy08

    Out of org members who do you think is the least favorite out of the fandom?

    By fandom I mean this site and other KH fan-sites,deviantart, fan-fiction.net, live journal, you-tube, etc. This should be based on observation not personal bias. Note: Luxord, Xaldin, Lex, and Xion are not to be included. The first three because I am aware that they are rather extremely...
  16. fantasy08

    Where do you stand?

    1. Now dislike the org and love Xion. 2. Dislike Xion and love the org. 3. Love Xion and still love the org. You can go into detail with the who's and why's if you want. :)
  17. fantasy08

    Official soundtrack listings?

    I mean the real ones. Not what you-tube users made up for placeholders. Anyone know them? The only one I know of is Xion's theme.The real name is french for melancholy of Xion.Thanks
  18. fantasy08

    So Xenmas... Spoilers

    is who exactly? I mean I know for a fact now that the heartless is MX's,but since it was Terra's body who released it does that mean he's Terra's nobody. However, there's the thing with him having not only MX's heart in him but ME's as well. So where's his nobody? Is Xenmas a mix of all three of...
  19. fantasy08

    (Spoilers) Who feels sorry for Lea and Isa?

    Their nobodies can go jump of a skyscraper, but their human-selves, in the little time we saw them in game and the credits, were genuinely nice people and thus didn't deserve getting turned into the nobodies and having their humanity ripped from them. I pity them. I pity all the members actually...
  20. fantasy08

    If Terra is Xehanort/Xenmas how will you feel about the latter now?

    I mean for me since Terra seems like such a good person him turning into the guy we all love to hate would be the saddest story in the game for me. Topping Xion's. Especially if we find out Xehanort/Xenmas did all this horrible crap just to see Aqua and Ven again. What I'm asking really is would...