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  1. SweetYetSalty

    Gaming Headphones for Melody of Memory

    Hello fellow Khinsiders. For any gamer on here who is currently playing Melody of Memory, I was just wondering if you are using any kind of audio headphones? I'm still playing through the game and having fun, but I want to get much better at the game, like play it pro gamer style. I heard...
  2. SweetYetSalty

    Melody of Memory crazy light theory

    I just thought of a unlikely but insane theory. In the trailers we see Kairi meet with a hooded black coat. We don't really know who it is. Mainly we've speculated Master of Masters, Apprentice Xehanort, Luxu, or even Demyx. If the figure is the Master of Masters what could he be meeting with...
  3. SweetYetSalty

    Kingdom Hearts Dream Matches

    I just thought of a brand new fun topic. I'll us the two Organization XIII factions as a example. What if they were to battle one another? What would the match ups be like? Now obviously we have members like Xemnas, Saix, Xigbar, Luxord, Larxene, and Marluxia who were part of both groups so if...
  4. SweetYetSalty

    Xehanort's Power to Create Copy Worlds.

    So in Toybox Young Xehanort created a copy world that separated Woody, Buzz, Ham, and Rex from Andy and a few of their other toy friends (like the ones that have license issues) and Sora and friends can only reach this one and never the other. I believe they said one of them is fake. That being...
  5. SweetYetSalty

    Future Links/Summons Options.

    I wasn't sure if this was appropriate for the KH worlds thread, since this isn't about KH worlds exactly so I made this separate from it. It's a given that not all Disney worlds will return in future KH games, but that's where Links/Summons can come in. Even though we may not revisit the same...
  6. SweetYetSalty

    Ansem the Wise KHIII Question

    I was rewatching the Ansem and Ansem SOD cutscene in the realm of darkness and I was just wondering a couple things. So he got trapped in the ROD since KH2 right? And Ansem SOD just teleports in and brings him out. Why didn't Ansem just do that himself, since he can open Corridors of Darkness...
  7. SweetYetSalty

    Why Didn't Organization XIII Replace Dead Members?

    Continuing with my overanalyzing of 358/2 Days, another concept has caught my interest. Recruiting new members. The original Organization XIII have never been 13 for long. For the most part the primary team has been Organization VIII. Or IX if you count Xion, but it's never actually 13 for very...
  8. SweetYetSalty

    Roxas's Character Evolution Through Disney Worlds

    I've been replaying 358/2 Days and I'm started to appreciate the little things the game added to the Disney worlds to not make them feel 100% filler when focused on Roxas and his daily life. Agrabah: Roxas learns about friendship from watching Genie and Aladdin. I believe this is where he hears...
  9. SweetYetSalty

    Possible new Organization fights?

    So the new trailer teased rematches with the Organization/Seekers of Darkness. Whether all of them are available remains to be seen. But if they all are do you think we'll see their upgrades? Like we saw what looks like elements of Vanitas Remnant I believe. Do you think we might get things like...
  10. SweetYetSalty

    Corridors of Darkness Remaining Users.

    This might tie back to the Black Robes thread on here. I was just thinking about the Corridors of Darkness that the bad guys always use and who can still use them. Maleficent and Pete can still use them, but what about the former members of the Organization? We saw Lea use this in DDD whether or...