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    I forgot

    How to start a thread
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    Oh hey, it's Persona 5 (Or a remake or MAYBE a spin-off?)

    Destructoid - Persona 5 confirmed! Just found this. If it's old news, then you mods know what to do.
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    Can I change my layout or am I stuck with this one?
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    How many of you actually bought KH2 FM?

    I see what you did here.
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    The Wicked FC!!

    This is (obviously) the Wicked Fanclub. So join. He's chill and has all that shiz. (I'll decorate this shit later) Members: Azia Roxas001 UsagiOkami
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    Help/Support ► The LGBT Help and Support Thread (v3)

    Yeah. But like mina said, it also means you can't be sexually attracted to anyone. Where's your panda?
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    NOOOOOO!!!! The Yaoi has already started mocking BBS

    If you don't think this shit is hot, you're gay.
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    Work Stories

    Tell your best/worst work stories. whether it's about a dick boss or shitty customer or something funny. I remember I was working at a retail store, and me and this other guy were stocking lunch meat by the wine. Basically, some lady walked her shopping cart into a wine display and broke 40...
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    . . .

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    Today my dad gave me a watch. The story: My dad got his degree (college) in 1996. After that he went and visited his grandma and she gave him a watch (expensive watch). I was six then. As I grew up I always wanted his watch. In 2008 his grandma (97 years old) Passed on. So obviously that watch...
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    Help/Support ► The LGBT Help and Support Thread (v3)

    Damn Beyer that sucks. At least you're being honest with yourself. Although i'm straight, I have little tolerance for people similar to the guy you talked about.
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    Help/Support ► The LGBT Help and Support Thread (v3)

    Lol may? Oh and congrats.
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    Vanitas is Xehanort?

    Vanitas and Ven are the same person, or WERE the same person IMO
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    I remember, living in a world. A world where I could walk, with grass under my feet. I remember a world where I could say "Hi" but never expect a hello. I remember a world where everyone was content and happy with life. But now, I live in a world; where cold stone touches my feet. I live in a...
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    Help/Support ► normally i would never post here, ever.

    Don't drink. If you can control yourself, go for it. But from what i've seen alcohol+emotion=Funny shit. Just get over it. Honestly, you'll think about her, but find a new girl. That'll help you. There's no "cure" for heartbreak, except to move on. Perseverance is your best friend here.
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    BBS Site Update + Jump Festa 2010 Trailer

    Is that KH2 Sora at the very end? And i'm really excited now!!
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    Since this is the trend, i'll follow along. ^^ Today,..well yesterday was my one year anniversary......yay. So basically this is my one year and one day anniversary.
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    Jump Festa 2010 Official Discussion Thread! [TRAILER RELEASED]

    Re: Jump Festa 2010 Official Discussion Thread! Marluxia will most likely appear. He is the main antagonist in CoM. So it seems likely IMO.
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    BbS Boxart (Higher resolution)

    Re: BbS Boxart? (Confirmed) IMO, the cover should just say. Kingdom Hearts (Heart sign) Birth By Sleep. Nothing else.