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    Important? *May contain minor plot details*

    So I got Days a few days ago, and I found something yesterday when I was out on a mission and was wondering whether it was something that is important or completly irrelevant. I don't want to know the details if it is important, just a simple answer, and maybe a discussion as to what it could be...
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    Secret Ansem Reports

    Hello all. K so the other day I was going through the Ansem Reports and I saw some interesting things which brought up some questions in my mind and thought i'd see if anyone could answer them for me. So starting with Secret Ansem Report 3. I then continued to read the reports and found...
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    Captain Obvious (That's me)

    Ok, to clear this up first of all. I am not here to start a really random thread that has no meaning. I'm here to post something that I haven't seen discussed as of yet that is extremely obvious (hence the name of the title) But that could quite possibly explain a few things. This is not a...