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    Disoverer and inventor of ADHD admits on death bed that it's a fake diease

    Inventor Of ADHD's Deathbed Confession: "ADHD Is A Fictitious Disease" Where as the symptoms may be real, the discoverer and inventor of ADHD ,has on his death bed come clean that he fabricated said disease. There have been recent documentaries on BBC about ADD. I think the symptoms are very...
  2. D

    Cardio, exercise, lower back popping, creaking with knee rises

    I don't yet pay all my bills. I was injured a while back, I herniated multiple discs in my spine. I was out of it for a few years and in therapy for months. At the beginning I was so unable to walk that I would get to physical therapy and lay on their floor. At times I couldn't even get up...
  3. D

    Messing with After Effects

    This is my second project for my video motion graphics class. I used After Effects , source videos are in the link. Each image in the video that moves is on a separate layer. Ok, the quality is degenerated. I edited it in after effects, now it's on the internet. If I had to do this again i'd...
  4. D

    Help/Support ► Impossible situation ***= my university

    never mind itis what it is
  5. D

    The super natural ( Evidence , speculation provided )

    Is there any one here who has a interest in the super natural? I've always found evidence in quantum theory. Though many will scoff, there are quite a few noble prize winners , PHDS who study the super natural scientifically. Lately in the past few years, we've seen a lot more paranormal...
  6. D

    Music ► Old Avril and New Avril (RANT)

    Another rant, I'll make this shorter . Do you distinguish old avril from new?
  7. D

    Here's some of my stuff

    http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2012/262/d/c/selina__kyle_by_brianjosephkory-d5f8qpp.jpg http://th02.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/i/2012/227/f/9/abanodoned_layout__color_pencil___paints_practice_by_brianjosephkory-d5b8o03.jpg...
  8. D


    Decided this was a stupid idea.
  9. D

    Aqua band 3rd Album Scheduled for a 2010 release

    Hi everyone. I don't post here often but I'm stepping in to post some news that I'm really excited about. Anyone that likes POP/ dance and Techno music this is your thread. I hope that some one else can appreciate this as much as I can. I just wanted to share this with someone, hope someone...
  10. D

    Help/Support ► I give up ...again....

    I've never been good with women, and I'm am socially distant to them. One is showing signs of liking me, and I have to go through missing out on her again because I don't know how to act even if someone tells me how to. I'm an artist , but it feels like everyone mocks me , once again. My work...
  11. D

    simon the sorcerer fan art

  12. D

    Addf text add text add texc

    Add text add test add texxt txet add it ! AD IT I m going to add gext text Im going to add text add text.
  13. D

    Help/Support ► I started hanging out with a girl but she smokes weed

    She seems to like me, and says that she wants to quit and compliments me, smiles when I am around. I do not think that it is love , but I think she wants a descent friend . Her drug problem is serious though, she always goes to hang out with other friends, and do you know what....drugs. I would...
  14. D

    Some drawings

    Cant remember if I posted these or not...
  15. D

    Do you get this concept and could I sumbit this as a tee shirt

    Or does it need work. Please if you answer yes, then explain why.
  16. D

    Could I get one opinion or two?

    Ok, so I am in design classes for college. We are not allowed to use color on this one.I just started design so mercy please. Anyone have any thoughts on this one? Its not entirely finished yet.
  17. D

    Help/Support ► Here is all the damage

    Ok, critic my behavior . Women perfered .
  18. D

    Help/Support ► Anyone simple question then Im gone for awhile again

    Thanks for the upcoming read. :P The girl I like sits in the back of the math room behind me. I really like this girl , and I want to show Im interested. Im going to start showing it more as we started showing it mutually . Would you be flattered if a guy you liked but just started talking to...
  19. D

    Don't know how to improve

    Here is a photo update, sort of I get a bad glare, so I tried to do better with the camera...but...