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    Otaku House - Cosplay Idol 2011

    Hopefully this belongs in this forum. Ha-ha. Otaku House is holding their yearly Cosplay Idol competition. So cos-players and cosplayer enthusiasts alike, head on over and give some support or enter the competition yourself! You can even win some money (only usable on their store but it's...
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    Americo's Creative Collection Thread

    So... All my creative stuff in one easy awesome to go to place? Don't know who I am? Don't care who I am? That's fine. I don't expect anyone to like, or really watch / look at any of my stuff... Just posting it to post it... Cause that's what all the cool kids do right? Manga Alteration...
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    Twenty One Already?

    They say when you turn twenty one... You realize that you're a man... You get an idea of what you should be doing with your life, you sit down with a newspaper and then do it... I say you find a plastic boat in the middle of a park at one in the morning and pretend your pirate.
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    Help/Support ► Nice Guys Finish Last?

    I seem to always get myself stuck in this "I'm a nice guy and I treat you well so you end up using me." kind of situation. I don't know if it's because I can't seem to pick good girls or I'm just naive. This is probably the sixth time I've had feelings for a girl (not love but just general...
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    Get Smart

    About freaking time. The cast and staff on the movie is beyond stellar. Anne Hathaway, Steve Carell & The Rock all take lead roles in the movie and it's written by Peter Segal who did Longest Yard and Tommy Boy. God I've waited for a remake of this for a long time.
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    FM Cutscenes Rather Lacking?

    I don't know if it's just me... But after reading the novels that went into details about the organization I was expecting a lot more... Other then a few lines that were interesting they seemed to reveal pretty much nothing important. It added a few lines of closure but with all that time they...
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    Death Note = Real?

    The article is here. Thoughts?
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    Help/Support ► Social Suicide

    Relationships, why don't they ever work out? Maybe it's just me and I have the worst taste in women or maybe I seem to have some warped sense of Sexual A.D.D. Never being able to keep my mind on a single person and always wanting to just generally be free... I seem to fall into love to easily...
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    Dramatic Hearts XD "Spoilers"

    Yeah, you know it was going to be made eventually. Spoilers for it's possible nature of spoiling those, but in truth if you don't know what happens in COM you should be shot. XD Dramatic Hearts XD: Season One Episode 01 Episode 02 Episode 03 Episode 04 Episode 05 Episode 06
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    Vandam Kick

    This is a TOTALLY random theory, but I thought it up while playing Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced awhile ago and with the creation of the new ending it brings up some interest. What if the KH world we know in KH1 through KH2 is a dream? What if Xehanort created this? We know the quote from the...
  11. A

    The Darkness...

    So it now makes you bald and black? Racism Square Enix, racism!
  12. A


    I need not even explain it. This will do it for me. This as well. It's quite possible one of the most innovative games I have ever seen in my life. Thank god I have a Ps3. XD Here is an example of a level some people made and four friends playing it.
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    The Knights In Hollow Bastion?

    Por que? So one of the Organization Members (I'm guessing one of the original six and probably Xenmas) walks down to the bottom of Hollow Bastion, where the robots are produced and opens a secret doorway to a lower level. I think it's the original six since they lived at Hollow Bastion and...
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    Lost Planet

    LETS PLAY NOW! That's what all the cool kids are doing.
  15. A

    Red Steel = Horrible

    It's one of the worst launch titles I've played so far... God I can't believe how bad this game is. I know the Wii is all about innovation (which Red Steel does to some degree) but the lack of a good story mode, good multiplayer and good anything kills it. Horrible graphics at most parts...
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    MC Pee Pants Disses Kingdom Hearts

    LMFAO! That was the funniest thing I have seen in awhile...
  17. A

    Jack Thompson = Jailed?

    I "lolled" at it. I also laughed at him talking about himself in 3rd person.
  18. A

    Phantasy Star Universe: 360 Version

    I'd like to know who is getting it so I can play with some fellow KHI'ers. My gamer tag on XBL is Englishboy. I'll probably be using a Human Force named Americo like I did in the BETA.
  19. A

    Dramatic Hearts: The Manga *Mature Content*

    I'm sure some of you are aware of Dramatic Hearts (the online machinima series Tom and myself put together) and to be honest it didn't start out that way. How did DH start you ask? AS A MANGA YOU FOOLS! Now that I decided to continue the awesomeness of DH (by buying all the actual mangas of both...
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    Assault With A Deadly Infant

    Wow... XD That's all I can say...