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    *SPOILERS!!!* Opinions on a.... Certain Boss???

    SPOILERS!!!>>>>>>>>>> ok just had to make sure no one reads this if they haven't beaten the game. Anyway hi guys. Long time no talk huh? Hope you all are enjoying BBS. So have any of you tryed out the secret boss at the very end? the one that you can fight after you beat the vanitas lingering...
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    Gamestop Pre-Order Package

    Many of you may already know, but if you pre-order Birth by Sleep on the Gamestop website, you also receive free BBS PSP decals to put on your PSP. Thought it was pretty cool and others should know about it. Heres the link Gamestop.com - Buy Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep - Sony PSP
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    the voice.....

    Do you guys remember the voice that's in Sora's dream at the beginning and the one at the end? The one that says he will open the door to the light? Who is that talking anyway? Was it the king or someone? It's confusing the crap outta me. (another example of the voice is when it tells Sora to...
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    Kingdom Hearts TCG discontinued?!

    i just read off of fantasy flight games that they arent going to continue producing the KH TCG. i mean i dont play it or own any cards but i was gonna! now there gonna stop? tell me what you guys think?
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    Kairi/Xion's Voice

    This might also belong in Future of KH. For those of you that beat Days and watched the credits, Kairi/Xion was voiced by Alyson Stoner......again:angry: . Well i must say i am very angry. I was ok when she did it for Re:Com because hey she had like one line. I thought it wouldnt be permanent...
  6. O

    (SPOILERS***) Xigbar/Ven Scene

    ok its my first thread in a really really really long time. so what did you guys think when you saw this scene? i was totally like "OMG THATS VEN!!!". to be honest i wasnt expecting any BBS stuff to be in this game. it totally makes sense now. where xiggy said that to sora. ugh im still...
  7. O

    Org 13 in Days

    hey do you guys think that we'll learn more about the history of the members in 358/2 days. like as orinal names and such. i mean we'll know more about the organization than ever before right? ya i know i know another one of my opinion threads;P
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    TAV's master

    who do you guys think it is. its been driving me nuts
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    Sig help?

    Hey guys sorry i havent really been around the nonrelated KH stuff that i forgot were the place is where i can get a cool signature. as you can see mine isnt that great:P
  10. O


    ok ive beat soras and rikus story. im trying to get 100% on the journal. what sucks is that the one card i just cant seen to get it gravity. anyone know where would be the best place to get it:E
  11. O


    I had just finished sora's run through. i watched the credits and it said kairi was voiced by alyson stoner. so.. 1. Alyson stoner. WTF!!!!!! what happened to hayden pantetiere (idk how to spell it) 2. When did kairi even say anything at all. she was shown breifly a few times but she never spoke
  12. O

    The cave of wonders Boss fight

    who else thought it was gay to the 5th power. it was really uneeded and so frustrating:cursing: like getting up onto the head and trying to hit the eye. who else thought it sucked
  13. O

    2 olympus colesium questions

    ok so i opened up one of my old kh2 saves. its on level 99 and has ultimate weapon etc. its so far ahead that i just wanted to max it out in the journal. i had some stuff to do in olympus colesium but when i got there i got stuck Question 1: how the hell are you supposed to get 1000 points in...
  14. O


    this is a question ive wanted to ask sence i played kh2. What do you guys think of fire? i personally didnt like the spin around thing. i perferd the shooting kind. what do you guys think? im sure you all know i love opinion threads:thumbup:
  15. O

    the gummi ship

    in both kh and kh2 our heros got around in the gummi ship. but how do you think that VAT will get around. it doesnt exactly have to be a gummi ship but how are they gonna get from world to world. what do you think
  16. O

    Coded Q

    hey khi. obr back with a possibly stupid thread again. well latley ive been a little worried about coded. i dont have a cell phone (you are free to make fun of me there) and i wanted to know if missing out on coded i will miss some valuable info. but there is also the possiblity that it wont be...
  17. O

    new FF character

    im sure that all of you have heard that there may be a kh3 announcment at TGS. so i wanted to hear your guy's opinion for a new FF character in it. obviously theres was a new ff character in kh2 (auron). i think that it shouldnt be a final fantasy 10 character because kh has used up pretty much...
  18. O

    Roxas' voice

    ok we all know that Jesse Macartny was the voice of roxas. but i remember when it was about maybe 4-5 (or something like that i cant remember for sure) months before kh2 came out i was looking at a different kh site that was telling us the voice actors. i looked at the actors and it wasnt jesse...
  19. O

    space paranoids opinion

    can i ask peoples opions on this world. ok ive been seeing people say they hated it. i wasnt to fond of it but it was still a pretty cool world. the story sucked but the outfit was nice and the enimies were pretty cool to. also i loved how u could go to alot of places (it was decently big for a...
  20. O

    New 14th Member Theory

    now obviously this is a member of the organization we havent seen. but to make s/he the "14th" member wouldnt s/he had to have come after roxas did. i think s/he would have to have come in after roxas because 365/2 days takes place kinda when sora was in castle oblivion and while he was asleep...