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  1. astertide

    Does the Strelitzia medal mean anything lore-wise? Is it foreshadowing her return?

    The medals are apparently physical manifestations of power from the future, created by Moogles through the Book of Prophecies. Strelitzia's medal is the only medal from the Union X period of time. (Ventus' is there, but it's depicting a future version of him.) Does this mean that Strelitzia...
  2. astertide

    Kingdom Heart's Obsession with Numbers And Dates

    Kingdom Hearts has a weird obsession with the number 13: 13 Seekers of Darkness Organisation XIII X-Blade splits into 13 pieces of darkness 13 Nobodies in the Organisation 13 floors in Castle Oblivion 13 playable worlds in KHI 13 world cards in CoM 13 playable worlds in BBS 13 playable worlds in...
  3. astertide

    Why was Naminé in Sora's heart in Re:Mind? How and when does she get back to Kairi?

    Just need a little clarification. Sorry if it's super obvious and I need a little bonk on the head. Why is Naminé is Sora's heart? And when does she get back to Kairi's heart? When Sora asks her why she can't return to Kairi's heart, she just says "because I'm still not able to." In KH3, she...
  4. astertide

    How come Kairi can't use Naminé's memory powers and Naminé can't use Kairi's keyblade?

    Lea can use Axel's chakrams Isa can use Saïx's claymore Sora can dual-wield because of Roxas (Right?) So why can't Kairi use Naminé's memory powers? Is it just because she's "special"? Sorry if I missed anything, please correct me if I did lol