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    Darknesses and Lights

    I see,that's why she didn't cry when she heard Sora's name and Re:Coded's message was just a casual message from Mickey that never included Sora saving those guys. /sarcasm I kid you I kid you :D Thanks for having me :3. I know,it's hard to believe,part of it was her death(Kingdom Hearts 358/2...
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    Darknesses and Lights

    That would kill the purpose of her waiting for Sora to save her. I swear i would LMFAO if somehow Sora went to RoD to save her and then he doesn't find her,only for him to return and find her at the Mystery tower,that would be a big waste of gameplay hours xD.
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    Darknesses and Lights

    I know,she did it in KH2 when she fought against the heartless,she's getting more training now,but i really can't think of it in anyway other than to save Aqua,the only other way they could save Aqua is by sending Lea because he wears the organization coat that can protect one from darkness...
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    Darknesses and Lights

    Thank you sir! Well,I gave it a lot of thought,Kairi's gonna kick ass (at least i think so :/),but the issue is the fact that she's a princess of heart,seven lights are supposed to protect the princesses of hearts,my only explanation of her having the training is to save Aqua because as a...
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    Darknesses and Lights

    I already broke it a few years ago(on a different forum),not gonna do that here :D.
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    Darknesses and Lights

    So basically,if I have more posts than you,i'll have more friends than you? *rushes to spam w/o reading the rules to find an excuse*
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    Darknesses and Lights

    This is my first post here,hope i'll make lotsa friends here. My list of the seven lights is infamous,hopefully i don't get a lot of rage/flaming: 1-Sora (Obviously) 2-Riku (Obviously) 3-Ven (Strong keyblade master with a heart of light) 4-Aqua (Keyblade Master and a warrior of light) 5-Mickey...