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    Fanfiction ► Legend of Zelda: Wrath of the Fierce Deity

    Here is my first fanfic, the intro might be boring. But it gets alot more interesting later on. Legend of Zelda The Wrath of the Fierce Deity Characters presented in this chapter(1): Donner- A Skull-Kid who has no memories of the past. He awoke inside Kokori village, with frightened...
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    Kingdom Hearts: The Awakened Legacy(Sign-Ups/OOC)

    Well here is the new thread for the RP, I am now posting Accepted Character! Kingdom Hearts: The Awakened Legacy Prologue: Dear Sora, For know the darkness is rapidly depleting; almost all of the Nobody are gone. Victory is finally ours, we can finally live our lives...
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    Naruto Shippuden: Ryujinki (New Naruto 10th Anniversary Game 4 Wii)

    Title: Naruto Shippuden: Ryujinki Description: A new Naruto game was announced, the release date for Japan is 11/26/09. You are probably saying: Ooh another Naruto game for the wii that is the exactly the same as the prequel. Well it seems like that, but it is not- Here is the site...
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    pic adjustment problem

    ok, every time I change the size of an uploaded picture with the corner box, it changes back to the normal size in was when uploaded. Any tips?
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    Kingdom Hearts: The Awakened Legacy

    Kingdom Hearts: The Awakened Legacy Prologue: Dear Sora, For know the darkness is rapidly depleting; almost all of the Nobody are gone. Victory is finally ours, we can finally live our lives normally. The worlds are almost closed; and this is probably the last time you would read...
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    Is champions for the Xbox, and should it?(Discussion)

    Hey I looked at the Champions site along time ago and it had the Xbox 360 version for the faqs, but when I checked it this time it wasn't. Do you know/think it is/would bee? Also do you think it should. I say yes; since my computer is a piece of crap.
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    hey something is wrong with the spoiler box the second box automatically goes lowercase...
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    Need Eureka Seven Pictures-

    Right now I am writing a fan-fic and I need pictures for the characters. All of the characters are canon's from Eureka Seven. I have spent an hour looking for pictures and I still can not find anything. So what I need is a picture from as many characters as possible, Renton, Holland, any. But...
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    Lit ► American Psycho?

    hey is anyone else reading, or have read American Psycho, I'm starting and I like it. *discussion*
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    ~Air-Gear~ Paradise Lost

    {NOTE: I'm not that into Air-Gear. I am only 1/3 through the manga, so if I mess stuff up; or you think you can improve on this please tell me. Or.. I will go cr:23:\zy} STORY: In the year: |_|_|_|_| Air-Trek was legalized, but fifteen years later ~[Current Time Of Story]~ it was band by the...
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    Cure for cancer?

    This morning I woke up to some guy talking up nano tech. and how it is somehow curing cancer; then I fell back to sleep. Thinking that I was only dreaming I looked it up! : Prevent Disease.com - A Nanotech Cure for Cancer? my response was pretty much nothing but a dignifying "Oh shit theyz...
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    Gundam RP?

    IS anyone interested in a gundam rp, cuz i have a few ideaz