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  1. destiny seeker

    Kingdom Hearts Heartless Inspired Apron

    Hey everyone, so I got so this month's gameinformer and they had a section for 2012 holiday stuff. Oddly enough they had a Kingdom Heartless Inspried Apron for $70.00. It's basically a black and red apron with a heartless logo on the chest. It was kinda intersting to see such stuff in...
  2. destiny seeker


    For SotW. Which one... Lightning - No lightning -
  3. destiny seeker


    For SoTW I know I need more but for now CnC. :)
  4. destiny seeker

    End of the World

    Painting of the KH world, End of the World. http://oi56.tinypic.com/wi5448.jpg Enjoy! :)
  5. destiny seeker

    One year! Yeah!!!

    It's my one year everybody!!!!! Man can't believe I've been here for a year. Wow, and now there is BBS Final Mix. Time just goes real fast.
  6. destiny seeker

    Mario or Tsutarja

    Hey so I can't decide which to enter for SotW. I'm really not sure. Any thoughts
  7. destiny seeker

    The Witch

  8. destiny seeker

    Sora Pumpkin

    Hey. So I wanted to paint a pumpkin for Halloween so I made this......... http://tinypic.com/m/dlrkb7/2 It's Sora pumkin from halloween town. Yeah I know it looks silly. Just thought it would be fun sharing. What do you think?
  9. destiny seeker

    Dusk (can't decide)

    O.k So I was fixing up an old tag and I can't decide which I like better. Also if anyone has any ideas on how to it look better let me know. Lastly should I add text or not? I'm not sure.
  10. destiny seeker


    Hey. So After reading all kinds of tuts and following the advice I got I finally ended up with this. It's free for anyone who wants it. Just give credit to me. CNC. :)
  11. destiny seeker

    First Time Signatures

    Hey! So I'm starting in the Digital Media world and made some signatures.... So what do you guys think? I'm open for comments and advice to make them better. If you like it you can use them just give credit to me and let me know.
  12. destiny seeker

    Is the JP BBS harder?

    Hey. I just beat Ven with only one try for the final boss and in the JP it took me forever. Even if I go back now and play him the end part is hard. Also all the bosses in the NA took me one try except terra's first boss and Ven's first Vanitas. So does anyone who played the JP think it was...
  13. destiny seeker

    New Kingdom Hearts Silly Bands

    I don't think anyone has posted this so in Hot Topic there are new KH Silly Bands. I got some and they look cool. There is a Nobody, a Heartless, Sora's crown, and a keyhole. Also there are some new shirts and KH Shoelaces. Links - Pop Culture | Everything Else | Pop Culture Apparel | New...
  14. destiny seeker

    They did it again

    Did anyone else notice that they changed braig's weapons. He does not make one sniper rifle anymore. What do you think of this change? I just hate it.
  15. destiny seeker

    Birth by Sleep Commercial now on TV

    If just saw it myself on ABC family. A BBS commercial. It was like the TV thing but it had simple and clean. I will try to get a video ASAP.
  16. destiny seeker

    New Kingdom Hearts Stuff

    Hey guys. So there is new stuff at hot topic.... Accessories | New Accessories | New And there is also a bag I saw today that is KH. Also at JCpenney they sell a Kingdom Hearts shirt...
  17. destiny seeker

    Who is more epic

    Well we all know the scene where Sora tells riku his friends are his power. We also know Ven says the same thing to Vanitas. What I want to know is out of the two scenes who's more epic. Sora or Ventus. Here they are.... YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Ventus VS Vanitas *Neu*...
  18. destiny seeker

    Disney Parks

    O.k in my school there is a debate team and lately it has been about Disney. So they ask me to make a poll about if Disney parks are better than other parks. Also what do you think bout Disney? ( also I am not on the debate team I am just helping them. )
  19. destiny seeker

    A Future Keyblade War?

    Well I was thinking about what Nomura said about the next KH game. So for people who know about BBS, MX wanted to go inside of Terra so he would be able to see the next Keyblade War. Then the X- Blade was destoryed by Aqua and we all know Terra becomes Xemnas. Also we know ansem is alive so...
  20. destiny seeker

    Help with Terra

    Help! I am on the last boss on terra's where you play as LS and I can't seem to beat him. Does anyone know how to get through the part where he throws the big rocks at you?