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  1. Auron0521

    Tale of Two Pirates (Talk Like A Pirate Day is here!)

    An Excerpt from the Tales of Bustichia Reki, Soldier of Gerana, Wielder of Elements: Akecza the Flame sat on the bow of her ship, swigging down some unknown substance from a dark-tinted bottle. It had a vile taste, but it was necessary she drink it twice daily. Not doing so had ill effects...
  2. Auron0521


    As a Zombie, I Live, With a single Motive, To Hunt, and Eat, A certain Type of Meat. Specifically, You, Your Brains and Muscle Tissue, On them I shall Feast, Like a Feral Beast. I hardly control Myself; My Feelings, placed on a Shelf, Only that One Desire, Clouds my Mind, like a Mire. I urge...
  3. Auron0521

    Creative Writing Chronicles: Where to Find Your Favorite Authors

    Creative Writing Index 0-9, ~-+ [ 01blackbind ] - The Detective [ <3 ] - Project 042 - Random Short Story A [ Able_Beard ] - Virtu [ AceDime ] - My Work in Progress - Some More Work [ Aldrain ] - An Insight into My Frame of Mind - Combustible - The Demon Hunter Trilogy - The Killer...
  4. Auron0521

    Hopper Down

    Disclaimer: Before anyone asks, yes, I did write this because of Ordeith's "Unfinished Storybook". I didn't actually want to write this, but the first few lines wouldn't get out of my head for a couple of days. Therefore, I've decided to write it, but write it like one of my short stories...
  5. Auron0521

    I Smile

    I Writhe At the Ends of Despair Collapsed and Broken I can Go no further, Can Muster no Strength. I Drown In the Pits of Melancholy, Walls as High As the Eye can See, No Escape in Sight. I Crawl Through the Tunnels of Sadness, Tears Pouring from my Eyes As I make my Way forward Inch by Inch...
  6. Auron0521


    To tread the Road, Past the Horizon, It is My Wish, To See All there is, To Travel Abroad, Learning of Unknown Secrets, Discovering this World's Truth. To Sail the Seas, That clear, blue Ocean, Explore new Islands, Eat Exotic Fishes, Taste unimaginable Fruit, And drink clearest Spring Water. I...
  7. Auron0521

    The Hunt

    I am a bounty hunter. Basically, I hunt criminals and turn their heads in to the government. It's a difficult job, but if you're good enough, you can make a decent living out of it. There's more than enough criminals to go around, after all. Most bounty hunters work solo to avoid splitting...
  8. Auron0521

    Friendship Costs A Lifetime

    Dawn broke over the clear, blue ocean. The beach was cluttered with beautiful and unique seashells, swept up by high tide. Treacherous sand dunes separated the beach from the main road, and the occasional sound of cars was drowned by the sound of the water. Marcus sat on the beach, the ocean...
  9. Auron0521

    Personal Light

    Catch a Star, In the Palm of Your Hand, Examine its Brilliance, Admire its Light, Then Return it, To the vast Heavens. See the Moon? It Shines brightly Tonight, But look later, In a couple Week's Time, It shall be Dark, Invisible to Your Eye. Greet the Sun, With a Smile, One of equal Warmth...
  10. Auron0521

    Light and Dark

    I look Up, See a Light, I Reach for It, And It slips away. I follow It, Drawn to the Light, Grasping Desperately, For I am Afraid, Fearful of the Dark. When, Finally, I take Hold of the Light, I look Down, See My Shadow has Grown, For Darkness Feeds on Light, And Light on Darkness. How, then...
  11. Auron0521

    My Best Friend

    Until the End of Time, Down through the Ocean Deep, I will be the One to Love You, The One to Cherish You. Though You may not Know, I have long Harbored, These Feelings toward You, My Best Friend. I cannot bring Myself, To Share them Aloud, If I did, Then They might become Real, And I would be...
  12. Auron0521

    Blue Feelings

    To wrap My Arms around You, Would be My greatest Sin, I know the Pain You hold, That You'll never let Me in. So I'll stay by Your Side, Be there to Comfort You, You'll come around One Day, Your Feelings no longer Blue. Allow Me this One Request, This One Selfish Favor, The only One I care for...
  13. Auron0521

    This Key

    This Key I shall give You, A Key I dare not Employ, I Hope You will Wield it properly, In some Wondrous Manner. It is no Ordinary Key, For Doors it does Not Release, No, It Releases the Truth in Others, To Expose Them for the World to See. I'll entrust You this Ability, For while I know Some...
  14. Auron0521

    Your Fight

    Though the Night be Long, Though the Day be Brief, I shall Hang on, Until We take Our Leave. Through the Dark, I'll Navigate, 'Till We receive that Light, Then I'll have to Wait, 'Till You end Your Fight. Triumphant, You stand, And I join Your Side, You take Me by the Hand, And say It's merely...
  15. Auron0521

    A Certain Hut

    On a certain continent, in a certain country, there was a certain forest, in which was a certain hut. The hut was small, barely large enough for a single person, and crafted simply, out of mud and wood. One day, I happened upon this hut in the course of my travels. Night was encroaching...
  16. Auron0521

    The River

    On the Eve of Time, I Sit and Wonder, If What I did was Right, Will I be Ripped Asunder? I Often ask Myself, If I have Hope, Am I simply kidding Myself? Would it be Better to Mope? There then Comes a Moment, When I Believe I found My Answer, When My Heart feels light, My Legs Quick as a...
  17. Auron0521

    One Night in the Snow

    I lie in the Snow, The Blanket of Time, My cold Breath is low, We'll be just fine. I Know not Where, Nor Why or How, I came to be There, For What Matters is Now. A Drop of Saline, Fallen down My Cheek, On Her Shoulder I Lean, For I am too Meek. What We Fear most, Is not Death or Age, It is...
  18. Auron0521

    Hello all!

    Hey everyone! I'm Auron! I used to be a member here, but I lost the password and can't get it back, so I just decided to make a new account! I hope to be able to reintegrate into the community! Thanks!