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  1. Haku

    Fanfiction ► Poetry In Motion

    This is mainly about a group of poems that I came up with a while ago. I know that the title is a little cheesy but bear with me. Poem 1 "When I First Saw You"...
  2. Haku

    Goodbye Everyone

    Well this just may be temporary but in a few days I'm having knee surgery on my left leg, it was just one of those things that has given me problems every since I was little. Then after I have the surgery I have to go through the physical therapy in order for it to heal faster and I don't know...
  3. Haku

    Today's My Birthday!!!

    I know that even though this is my special day and all I just mainly wanted to thank everyone of my friends for being so kind to me, I never thought that I would have as many friends as I do now on these forums so thanks again everyone and I'm so glad to be celebrating my birthday with all of...
  4. Haku


    Hello everyone I'am new so I thought that my first stop would be here to introduce myself to everyone!!:thumbsup: