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    Something I noticed about Terra

    This isnt a theory and I dont know if it has been pointed out but on Terras belt type thing holding his man dress up there is what looks like an upside down nobody symbol in shape anyway but it has a different design on it and is more square, just pointing it out. You can see it here
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    Sorry I always forget this, what is the name of the song that plays in the KH2 FM+ Secret Ending and in the BBS Leaked Trailer?
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    Guitar Hero 3 Wii Online

    Does anyone wanna play GH3 online on Wii. I play Pro-Face Off on Hard please post your GH3 name and friend code here So I can add you. Here is mine. Mad Hatter 463978119828
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    Fanfiction ► SOLDIER's

    Prologue The SOLDIER's as they are called are an elite group of fighters basically like the military on The Planet. All people that are accepted into the SOLDIER's have to go through intense training, and are also injected with "S" or "Jenova" cells. Jenova is an extraterrestrial life form...
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    Fanfiction ► The Chosen SOLDIER

    Hey there everyone, this Fan fic is the story bascially of my name on here. The character Seikay is an original but the fanfic is a Final Fantasy VII based one. I know there is probably ALOT I need to work on but anyway, here is the Epilogue. Prologue Seikay wasn't an ordinary child. He had a...
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    xbox live

    hey anyone here got Halo 3 on xbox live? cause I just got mine working and I wanna play someone. my name is the same on there as it is here so just add me please.
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    BBS Question?

    umm did I read what I think I read? BBS is supposed to have a card battle system? If they do I will still get it but it will be a dissapointment. Now is that really what th new BBS page said that it will have a card battle system, or is rumored to?
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    Fanfiction ► Chronicles of Light

    Alright well I made a fan fic before kinda it wasnt very good so I going to try this again with this new Fanfic. Well here it is. Chronicles of Light Prologue An Alarm Clock went off as a teenage boy around the age of 14 with brown hair sat up from his bed scratching his head and wiping his...
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: Lost Hearts

    Alright Everybody this is my first fanfic EVER, on any websites. This part of the story is told by the main character but later in it, it wont be. Hopefully this will be the first part of a series of fanfics by me if it works out good. This is a Fantasy/Action/Romance Story so here is the...
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    Kingdom Hearts:Darkness Reigns

    In a world full of light there is always darkness, we are that darkness. There are many essences of darkness in the world, the Heartless, Nobodies, Organization XIII, and the darkness in peoples hearts. Where do you think that darkness comes from, us. We are the source of darkness for the entire...