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    KH2 European/KH2:FM Wishlist

    As we all know, Square are well known for putting extras into the North American and European versions of their games, for example, Ruby Weapon, Kurt Zisa, etc, SO, for those of you waiting for the european release, what extras do you want in KH2 (or if you have NTSC version what do you wish...
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    New Jump Fest Dirge Of Cerberus Trailer

    Thanks to Zexion of the AC.net forums (a.k.a Xaldin over here) for this it looks so cool, its google video so its video feed but you can download it by choosing video ipod on the right hand side of the screen, this is quite possibly the greatest trailer in SE history...
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    Mickey Requirments

    So has anyone figured out the exact details about how to play as mickey, and has anyone been able to do it any where other than against cerberus and do you have a video?
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    Possible Mistake in Xehanorts Name translation (Major Spoiler Correction)

    Ok, if it has been confirmed by Square Enix that Xehanort is reaarranged to No Heart X then I am wasting my time, if so can someone please tell me and confirm this with proff, if you cant, then I have a Major Theory that will disprove his Name as No Heart X After finding out Xenmas was the...
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    Write your own ending

    the reason i put this in spoilers is incase anyone uses any of the original ending...... Just make up your own ending, it doesnt have to canon it can be whatever you want, comical or heartbreaking, here mine, a Comical Heart Breaker... 'Kingdom Farts' Riku Turned out to...
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    Drive speculations

    I have noticed that no one has given any theories about the real name of final form, how it is obtained, or any thoughts on this ultimate drive which is supposidly more powerful than final so whats you're theories on 1) the true name of Final Form 2) what it is (eg upgrade of master form or...
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    Questions about Naime

    for one, if she is a nobody, why isnt she a real member of the organisation and y is she called naime and not something like Rixika or Kiraxi?
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    Xenoharts name?

    can someone just clear something up for me. being that he is called xenohart, does not the fact that it "translates" to 'No Heart X' mean that he did not have a heart, therefore without a heart how could he shed his shell if he was merely a shell, it seems to me a shell shed his sheel, unless...
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    Master form theory

    Iv been thinking aout y in master form you dont hold the second keyblade, i beleive that by holding 2 you lose all magic abilities, as in the valor/brave form, and by holding it offset you lose physical power, so sora uses magic to make his second keyblade float by his hand as to not cause a...
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    Drive Forms and Keyblades

    Just a couple of question, one, is the leonheart keyblade back, two, does anyone know what the 5th form is gonna be and dont say anti-sora coz we all know it isnt a DF, three, can you choose which blade you have in your second hand or is it always the oblivion four, can you get rikus...