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    Fanfiction ► What if: Sora was in Naruto

    Hello and welcome to a new Blog Series called Kingdom Hearts What if Series. We take one point in Kingdom Hearts history and change it and see how it will efect the lore as we know. Today we will discuss what if Sora from Kingdom Hearts was in Naruto instead of the Kingdom Hearts series...
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    Kingdom Hearts: Return of The Kingdom Knight: Role Play.

    Plot: Hello and welcome to Kingdom Hearts: Return of the Kingdom Knight is a role play set after the events of Kingdom Hearts 3 after Sora dissapeared and appeared in Shibuya a world that was located is the Spirit world as Shibuya is ment to be a tutorial were Sora relearn so dormant powers that...
  3. K

    Return of Ava and the Dandilions

    We all know Sora is dead, but the question I don't know if it's be ask is why? Namura himself confirmed Sora was still going to be the main protagonist for the next Kingdom Hearts Saga. What if when Sora ended up in the KH Shibuya Namura's plan is set for a reason, but what is the reason? well...
  4. K

    Sora's New Mentor Theory.

    So with Kingdom Hearts 3 done I want to come up with a new theory my theory is the in the next saga Sora will have a new mentor. Now before you ask, "but KingdomKeyper I thought Yen Sid was Sora's mentor. Maybe if you believe that, but I just don't see it not that I have anything agains't Yen...
  5. K

    My Thoughts: Big Universe

    Hello and welcome to My Thoughts. So before I begin how manny of you are a fan of the P.I.X.A.R Theory yeah its cute, but what if I told you the Kingdom Hearts universe is much larger this will reference characters that are connected. The Universe starts the Kingdom Hearts worlds this includes...
  6. K

    My Thoughts: The Wild Card.

    Hello and welcome to My Thoughts a series where I come up with fan theories about Kingdom Hearts. This is my theory that Sora was indeed a wild card in the Keyblade War, but I know what you are thinking of how can Sora be a wild card. I have three thoughts on this remark. 1. He can use the...
  7. K

    My Thoughts: Other Dandelions

    Could there be another set of Dandelions out there in Kingdom Hearts 3 the secret report I believe the Dandelions were sent to the you know for argument sakes we will state the Universe of Kingdom Hearts X will call Universe X, the Universe with KH, Chain of Memories, 2, BBS, 358/2 Days, and 3...