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    Can anyone list cutscenes that have been changed?

    So i updated the game and i opened theatre mode to watch updated cutscenes but i havent ever used theatre mode before so all cutscenes have exclamation mark next to them so i cannot know which ones are old and wichc are new ones please if you can please list names of all cutscenes that have...
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    Does Union X include all story content from browser kh X [chi] browser game

    Hi, so for a while now i've been wanting to play KH Union X and i know that it is actually a sequel to browser game called KHX So i havent spoiled too much and just partially watched few videos that explain KHX story (that was about a year and a half ago so to be honset i dont even remember...
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    What is this icon in gummi phone menu?

    Hi, i have noticed i have locked feature in gummi phone (see screenshot), does anyone know what it is and how to unlock it? Screenshot (image was too large to attach to this forum so i uploaded it to imgBB): https://ibb.co/FHV5yFr EDIT: I managed to upload screenshot as attachment by...
  4. L

    Cannot get midnight blue keyblade

    Hello, i checked dlc section of kh3 on ps store and there is only dawn till dusk keyblade and i cannot find midnight blue keyblade anywhere I live in EU i i access EU ps store Can anyone help?
  5. L

    KH3 Deluxe Edition includes both steelbook case and normal disc case

    Seems like deluxe editon will come with both the steelbook case for bluray disc and normal case with that cover art like on standard edition I cant 100% confirm this but i have seen some unboxing videos of deluxe edition and it seems like both disc cases are included If those videos are indeed...
  6. L

    This funny wtf moment just happened while googling

    So i saw video on yt that had "kh3 completley leaked" in its title and i tought that its clickbait so i googled "kingdom hearts 3 competley leaked" and google decided to do this..... Screenshot (no spoilers here but putting spoiler tag just in case) Google can be wierd sometimes Changing...
  7. L

    Question about deluxe edition and limited ps4 pro

    Hello, does anyone know if KH3 Deluxe edition (one without bring arts figures) also in limited quantities And is ps4 pro limited edition exclusive to Japan or is it gonna be sold in Europe because i was planning to buy ps4 pro soon but if this one is gonna be sold in EU then i will delay buying...
  8. L

    Comming 2018

    OMG that was unexpected, than you Square Enix :)
  9. L

    Do you think we will hear Utada's song for KH3 in new trailer?

    I was thinking maybe we will finally hear Utada's song for Kingdom Hearts 3 (if she even wrote one for KH3), if the game is getting closer to release i wouldn't be suprised if they include song in the new trailer What do you think, can we expect to hear new song? Sorry if someone already...