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  1. L

    Take pity....please?

    ok, i'll make this quick. i need some help/advice for my friends. My friend has this web site forum thing that has a rather bad tendancy to die. We can't generate enough lasting interest to keep it going, and we can hardly get the new people to post. it's been reincarnated a few times already...
  2. L

    What Makes a Government Just?

    a question to ponder when we think about what our governments are doing. we may wonder, 'that's not fair,' or, 'is justice really fairness?' which john rawls states. Maybe we wonder whether the government really essentially needs to be just. But then, What exactly is Justice then? How is it that...
  3. L

    Panic! At the Disco

    so.... who else likes them? one of my favorite songs by them is "lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her shirt off". I write sins not trageties is a good song too.
  4. L

    Writing a book...i hope.

    i pre-apologize for any spelling issues that may be encountered in this post ok, well, first things first, i'm working on a few book idea projects at once, and i'm having inspiration problems (and i have alot of other stuff i have to do, so it's hard to get alot done). If anyone can give me an...
  5. L

    Non-Disney Worlds

    okay, so we see all these threads about new disney world to put into the game, what non-disney world would you put into a kh game if you could? (i realize that that will never happen, but it's always fun to think of new idea's anyway) if you want to, you can just use the idea's of a non disney...
  6. L

    Fight with Luxord

    *note, you really don't need to read the stuff in parenthasis to help me. ok, i've beaten him before on my other game (which i so stupidly saved over with the one i was starting on proud mode, which i only realized after i was going to fight sepheroth, i was so pissed), the thing with the...
  7. L

    A theory,

    i know, not such a great idea to put it here, but i just thought of it, and i didn't want to forget. i'm not sure if anyone thought of this already, but if they did, just tell me. ok, here it is. okay, namine is able to take aways memerys and replace them and that stuff right? so she would...
  8. L

    Question, someone please answer

    i was thinking about changeing my name on here, is this possible? and if it is, can someone tell me how?
  9. L

    Confused, someone actually showed up?

    right i have my friends site in may sig, and apparently, a person actually viseted it! we talked in the chatbox....and i'm confused. i really didn't teexpect that. yeah.....well, maybe 2 people showed up, but one of them left really quickly.........i'm done now.
  10. L

    sig readings

    do you read other people's sigs? i know i do sometimes, but i was wondering who reads them, as i know most people pronbably skip over mine, (and if you have read it, ignored it anyways)
  11. L

    'up? Rap damn time! (nonsense included)

    yo what's your name and what's your game this thread is realy plainly lame i got my skills and i get thrills and eveery once in a while i gett chills but what is happining now, i got bordom taking over the spot, in my brain, where things go wrong and then i start writing this song and i can't...
  12. L

    OMG! what is that?!?

    it's a purple people eater! it's a one eyed opne horned flyin' purple people eater! hehehehehehehehe.......okay, i think i got that out of my system! feel free to do what you want. purple people eater.
  13. L

    Worst thing

    in your opinion, what is the worst thing that can be done to kh2? (exluding canceling it)
  14. L

    The saying game

    Well, here is how it works. you post anything you have ever heard, said, or done that is funny. it can be a saying, a joke, anything. there will be prize money to the best ones. You have to rate the person who poseted above you, then you can say your own, if you don't rate the person above you...
  15. L

    Exp from triad..

    anyone notice that you get experience from triple triad?
  16. L

    anyone know what to do with this map?

    RPG World Map
  17. L

    I Started a Cheap Auction!

    really cheap, and pretty poitless, but anyone with 5 gil can win at this point.
  18. L

    Bots Still Don't Work!

    you can't battle any of the bot's still! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, that is really anoying me!
  19. L

    Triple Traid

    This is cool, i can finaly use this to get gil! whoohoo! The begginers packs work now, i suggest trying it.