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    Gerber Generation Contest

    My sister entered her baby in the Gerber Generation photo contest and the winner gets scholarship money for their child. I'm trying to help my sister out and spread the word to vote for her. Prizes 25,000 in scholarship money Child featured in Gerber ad HD video Camera Gerber Generation Photo...
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    question about the mx' plans

    Re: land of departure's destruction and question about the mx' plans To enflame Terra's anger and to drive TAV to a corner by making sure they don't have anywhere to go back to
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    Ven's Heart

    he can't beat the crap out of vanitas because he's already gone.
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    A Far-fetched family idea

    I really don't think riku is MX's grand child or anything just because it said in the journals that MX left the islands as a kid and didn't come back till he was really old and bringing Ven there. Maybe there great cousins or something.....
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    Episode 8 Scenes with subtitles

    Namine really has no more relevance in my mind I think her job is done, but I'm not really seeing how xion would come back or why.
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    Found something in the Opening

    He did have the suit before he met XH he had it when he fought sora just when he entered hollow bastion before he met XH.
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    [SPOILERS] Vanitas' appearance explained

    Why did he connect to sora's heart of all people. I don't think Vanitas had that face because of the connection with sora. If he was completly separated I don't think there would still be a connection. Also how do we know he connected with sora in the beginning of the game.
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    Very Unlikely, but would be nice

    Even if they did do a remake it would be on the PS3 not on the PS2.
  9. N


    The worlds in that game are so huge its probably going to be really hard to find it.
  10. N

    Yen sid's a master!!!

    Dense is retorting with boo yaa.....come back with some evidence.....which I doubt..
  11. N

    Yen sid's a master!!!

    All I saw was Yen sid holding a keyblade and giving it to mickey. Yen sid doesn't fight heartless that scene was centered around mickey not him. In till I see Yen sid kick heartless ass your theory is not looking too valid.
  12. N

    Yen sid's a master!!!

    What would the point of Yen Sid being a keyblade master be? He never leaves the tower or fight heartless it just doesn't make sense. Just because Yen Sid gave him the keyblade doesn't mean he's a keyblade master. In kingdom hearts sora obtains keyblades from all kinds of people including Tifa...
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    aqua ending theory

    Was that Terra talking? I think that was Master Eraqus speaking.
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    Birth by Sleep Credits

    I'm pretty sure its Sephiroth(hopefully). I hope it means Zack will show up in future games.
  15. N

    Birth by Sleep Credits

    Your right. Thanks I really appreciate it. you too crazzyBRY. Anybody have thoughts on the mini movies in the credits.
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    Birth by Sleep Credits

    I don't want to see vanitas unmasked I actually want to see in the credits, when zack is at Olympus Colosseum
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    Birth by Sleep Credits

    Does anyone know where I can find the credits for birth by sleep. The one that show's vanitas's face. I've looked around the forums and couldn't find one. Can someone post a link.
  18. N


    Vanitas does look pretty badass, I didn't think sora would look good with black hair but he does. I wonder though after aqua defeats him does he get killed or does he just disappear
  19. N

    Another VEN theory.

    The whole thing with Roxas not looking like Sora I think dosen't make sense since namine didn't look like kairi. I'm not sure how you become and embodiment of darkness or light. I don't think souls can act as hearts other wise nobodies would feel like they did have a heart.
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    A theory of mine.

    There is noway they're replicas. They've already spun that story on us too many times. But I do believe there is a connection seeing that they have the similarities with there names, but I think its just personality that matches up between them.