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    why was terra watching sora and riku?

    hey during that "leaked" BBS trailer a scene is shown where terra is looking out to the ocean and then looks at sora and riku, sparring on the beach with there ol school wooden swords. my only theory i have for this is that maybe terra wanted to see sora (or riku) one last time before he went...
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    how can riku see roxas and namine'

    near the end of the game where kairi, namine', roxas and sora are toegther u see riku in the backround and he is looking at roxas and namine' like if can see the. becuase i though only sora and kairi could see them my question is if he can see them how can he and why cant donald goofy and...
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    whats does sora mean when he says...

    when ur in yen sids tower after you become sora he says, with me you guys riku and the king...with the five of us...six of us..etc etc why did he say six of us when he only mentioned five people i never quite got that was he talkn about roxas or what?
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    Leons letter?

    you know at the credits how they have those little cutscenes from all the worlds. well in one of them there is leon (squall) reading a letter and a pink butterfly flys up out of it? what does it mean and who sent it to him
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    Fav part in KH2

    i juts wont to know what was your favourite part in the game...... i was going to say mine but i dont know how to do spoilers boxes in :P
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    Secret ending knights face half revealed?

    idk if anyone has made a topic on this yet but how cool is this pic of the secret ending knight from KH2 secret ending its complete insane. what are your thoughts on it? (sorry its soo small just click on it to enlarge it)
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    wow still waiting

    who here is still waitong for KH2 to come out in there country :D
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    any new news on....

    i was just wondering if there has been any new news on the european/ausrtalian release date? :confused:
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    reno/axel voice

    hey i was watching the fight between axel and roxas on youtube and i just releised that the voice ro reno/axel (done by same person) is the voice from te raiden from MGS2 i was like:eek: thats soo cool.....well anyway i was seein if anyone noticed it
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    Information Bar

    In KH2 (i havnt played it yet) i was wondering, you know that information bar that comes up and tells you what to do....can you turn that bar off so it dosnt appear
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    Final Form vids

    i was wondering if anyone now or has a downloadable version of a final form clip not from youtube...cos you cant downlaod them onto your computer if you could provide one that would be super thank you ^_^
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    Drive form mini clips

    hey you know the little mini clips in my sigs i have a i was wondering if any of you guys have or know whee to find a master and final fomr one of those....if you can provide an answer or mini clip i would grately appreciate it....thanks :)
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    A question?

    hey since KH2 has sold over 8.5million copies world wide does that mean that it will most likey be released sooner here in australia and europe :) just wondering
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    Face in cave in KH1

    i was playing KH1 yesterday (cos i aint got KH2 yet) and i was looking in the cave and i looked where ansem pops up and if you look in there is a showdow outline if some guys face that looks like some guy i have seen in KH2 i think his name was diz but wihtout that mask sorry id this is old
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    when will KH2 for australia come out

    when do you htink australia or europe will get there copy of KH2 folks
  16. A

    when will KH2 for australia come out

    may-june late 2006/early 2007 who cares!
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    KH2 music

    does anyone know any sites that you can download the KH2 tunes and music if you do plz can you put on links co i like the music and want to put it on my 360 :D thanks
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    Can someone help me!!!!

    ok i live in australia and i want to know when KH2 comes out i was ewondering if any of you guys could find out or ask square-enix when it will come out...plz!!! o and im not getting swap magic cos im not aloud :(
  19. A

    Longer version of SANTCUARY *possible spoliers*

    here a link to a bit in KH2 that happens i the begigng. it has mickey mouse in it *might have possible spoilers* but it has a longer version of santcuary http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtsWQu5mq3o&search=Kingdom%20Hearts%202%20english%20
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    *maybe* australian release date

    hey im new but i have been i guest for a while so dont flame me or whatever cos im an idiot... i think not sure but i read on another forum site some guy said KH2 for australia was gonna come out in may 01 2006 (sorry i ont have alink for this) but it is quite believable cos how long would it...