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  1. H

    R&C: size matters

    not sure if this was posted before but has anyone else played it yet? i just got it today. it seems to stay true to the previous games (excluding rachet deadlocked which was completly different from the others) im glad clank is back as a playable character.
  2. H

    new season of 24

    did anyone watch it? i thought it was pretty good. the ending of the second episode realy made me wish i could see the third and fourth right then and there
  3. H

    [Project Nova] Assignment 1

    ok. well i guess its time for our first assignment. since there is a big holiday in the US that some celebrate, and some dont, i figure we could let the members choose. option 1: make a tag that is a symbol of thanksgiving. so that includes movies that are about thanksgiving (random ex. of the...
  4. H

    itunes help

    ok. i normally use my dad's laptop for my ipod and itunes, but my dad stopped letting me use his laptop and now i have to use my normal comp. but when i plug my ipod into the comp it says it is connected to another tunes and it will replace the library. if i let it do that will it delete all the...
  5. H


    saturday night live. i watched it last night and i think it was realy good. hughlaurie hosted and Borat from the movie of the same name. i was a little dissapointed that they barly did anything about House.
  6. H

    .Shattered. Galaxy {.//GFx} Assignment 3

    well after this assignment i think we may take a break frmo assignments. after 3 assignments in a row...anyways this is the next assignment. make a tag where the theme is of your favorite cartoon show. unlike the last assignment you can use main characters for stock. some examples: dragonball z...
  7. H

    everybody hates chris season 2

    anyone watch it. they moved it to monday nights. where i live its gonna start in like 15 minutes. the new season is just as funny as the first if you ask me.
  8. H

    OMG.....not another

    yeah i saw the trailer yesterday for the santa claus 3! with whay i saw yesterday it looks like its gonna be worse than SC2. and this time the villian is jack frost. the first one was realy good b/c its one of the few disney movies that dont have a villian. then the sequel was like they wrote...
  9. H

    .Shattered. Galaxy {.//GFx} Assignment 2

    well the first assignment's due date has passed as of today friday the thirteenth mwuhahahaha:lol: anyways here is the next clan assignment: make a sig about your favorite manga or cominc. only requirement is that the stock has to be a character who ISNT a main character. this will be...
  10. H

    .Sattered. Galaxy {.//GFx}

    ok so we just got started and stickied so i believe that a assignment is needed now theme: clan logo some ideas are like some kinda space thing since this is shattered galaxy. assignment is due on lets say this friday the 13th. good luck ^_^ p.s. sorry! i for got to say assignment 1 on the...
  11. H

    the texas chainsaw massacare: the begining

    not sure if this was already made, but this movie looks like its gonna be a good nice blood 'n gore film. looks realy nasty and gross. exactly what i like in a horro film.
  12. H

    prison break

    ok there are gonna be some spoilers so becarful.... i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO mad at what happened a few minutes ago on prison break. agent mahone is getting out of control. he reavealed that he actualy killed taht guy who he had been tracking. and then when tweener dosent take him to the other...
  13. H

    something i was wondering...

    they say that its gonna be in english right? dosent that mean that they will use the english vice cast? if so dies that mean they will still have the same voice of sora? dont flame. i just wondered that cause i saw an advirtisment in a target catalog with an old haley joel osment movie in it and...
  14. H

    the king kong films

    i watched the original one in film studies then read a little about the rest of the films. i must say if you thought the new 2005 remake was violent, in its own chessey way is WAY more violent then the current one lol.
  15. H

    a question i need answered

    ok im half lost on the whole thing going on so sorry if this was answered. since they say there will be some insight on the org, do you think they will explain the whole zexion 'fallen into ruin' thing?
  16. H

    Yu-Gi-Oh! world wide edition

    i found this today when i was looking for something in my room. anyone play it? i think its my favorite yugioh game.
  17. H

    favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! deck

    whats your favorite one? i think mine personaly is chazz's deck after the school duel when he has the ojama cards and the armed dragon cards
  18. H

    simpsons season 8

    think this is the right place to say it...the 8th season of the simpsons has just(actualy came out on august 15th in the US and canada) out on DVD. this is a great season. it was probably the last season that didnt have crummy episodes. it has the episodes such as the springfield files, homers...
  19. H

    new halo 2 x-box live game mode

    yeah thought id say something about it. earliar today i was playing halo 2 on xbox live and there is a new game mode in team battles called team carnage. this is a great new mode. all the games are designed by people at bungie.net, most off the games dont have shields but there are some great...
  20. H


    did anyone see the show after prison break season premire? i thought it was pretty good, the preview for next week's episode looks realy good. also, mulan/KH2's ming-na plays one of the main characters!