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  1. C

    Favorite Drive Form

    i didnt really like ne ov them cuz they made the game too easy the one i used the most was i think valor
  2. C

    European Release date finally confirmed by Square enix

    this brings back memorys...havent seen release date threads in a long time ur a little late but other than that good find...i guess
  3. C


    lemme see if i can remember i think i used valor the most but it wasnt necessarily my fav but i used fenrir and ultimate i think...
  4. C

    Did you got bored Of KH2 or do you still play it like you just got it?

    i didnt exactly get bored i did 100% completion on proud mode the first time i played and after that theres not much else to do
  5. C

    why is he back??

    i think this is a spoiler
  6. C

    how long have you been waiting 4 KH2?

    it depends on what u mean by waiting ever since i beat KH1 and saw the secret video ive been wanting to see what happens next but we havent really known that there will actually be a KH2 i havent really been researching on it until like 1-2 years ago
  7. C

    What are drive forms?

    yea his/her question has been answered so this should be closed
  8. C

    When you get KH2 what is the 1st thing you will do..and...

    since my playstation is up and fully functional (no thanks to gamestop) i will play it but seeing how its on a tuesday (i think) and thats a school day/work day i will only get to play for a little while (its too bad i am already truent in school and i need money for work so i cant play sick...
  9. C

    Possible VA for KH2?

    whos ricky ullman (why do i know that name) and i dont know the other one hehe charlie murphy
  10. C

    NA KH2 Menu

    u mean the command menu or the regular menu? doesnt matter i suppose seeing how i dont think its released
  11. C

    kh2 number 29?kh1 number 19?

    FFX and X-2 were some of the best square games (X was ne wayz) X-2 wasnt horrible it just didnt live up to its predicesor and i agree with hellfire on it not being short (right now my main file has 106hrs on it) blitzball is also a kick ass game so its like a game within a game (X-2s blitzball...
  12. C

    has anyone seen any KH2 comercials yet?

    i remeber ffx-2 had commericals about a week b4 it was released
  13. C

    Are you going to be one of those people?

    i have it pre-ordered and almost completely payed for im gonna just go after school like i did for FFX-2 and pick it up (lucky me Gamestop is just around the corner from my house)
  14. C

    Kingdom Hearts II Jigsaw Puzzle

    nice find but it would only keep me busy for a day or two also the 1000piece one is the NA cover right?
  15. C

    New Kh Ultimania Scans!!

    wow rikus legs look uncomfortable lol ne wayz thanks also does nebody know weather its coming out in NA in english (i dont think it is but i would like to know for sure)
  16. C

    Wisdom Form??

    im not really a fan of the magic i think ill use it because it looks cool but ill most likely end up using valor (or is it brave what do they call it now-a-days)
  17. C


    never mind
  18. C

    Kingdom Hearts II poll

    it is the most there is 5 choices and it has almost half the votes and alot of fan sites have 26,000+ members
  19. C

    Kingdom Hearts II poll

    Wow i didnt think KHII was this big but it has 45% of the votes on most awaited game for March on gamefaqs.com Just thought id throw that out there if ya'll care or not so ya'll know
  20. C

    MTV's OverDrive Preview(Hear Sora's KH2 Voice)

    wow haley j o sounds like a 30yr old man i was surprised and one one the links was a link for brokeback mountain (thanks but no thanks)