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  1. K

    Happy Birthday Kaori!

    HappyBirthday! Tommorow is kaori2244's birthday and since she will be gone to celebrate, I decided to make this today. Come here to wish her a happy birthday and celebrate with us. I know you want too. There's cake in it if you stay. :cool:
  2. K

    The "One Final Request" Game

    Say what you would want to do if you found out that you were going to die that day. Your actions could be humorous or they could be destructive. It is your choice. I'll start off. I would ride every roller coaster around the area until I puke.
  3. K

    Who is your favorite actor/actress?

    My favorite actor is Adam Sandler. In every movie I seen him in, I always laughed. I especially liked his acting in Happy Gilmore.
  4. K

    I'll Pay A Lot For Each Item

    Can someone please sell me the following items: Neo Claws: Don't need it anymore. Dark Oathkeeper and Oblivion: Don't need it anymore. Final Blade: I'll pay 50,000,000 Gil for it.
  5. K

    The Purpose of the BHK's Keyblades

    I think that there are many purposes for the Oathkeeper and the Oblivion. Some of them are symbolical and some are battle related. I think the BHK's keyblades symbolizes that he is Twilight. I know this is mentioned before in other threads, but I have to bring it up again. They could also...
  6. K

    The Original Keyblade Master

    Riku is the orginal keyblade master. My reasons are: 1) After you seal the keyhole in Neverland, a short clip shows a young Riku and Sora in the Secret Place at Destiny Islands. Right before Riku follows Sora out of the cave, the keyhole of Destiny Islands reveals itself to him on the big...
  7. K

    Sora+Donald=A REALLY fast Sora

    Anyone that has ever watched the Jump Festa trailer knows that when Sora fuses with Donald, his feet kind of glows. The most obvious theory is that this makes Sora very fast, but I want to read different opinions of what else this new feature might do for Sora.
  8. K

    Where are the creatures of light?

    I was think a couple of days ago about the Heartless and the Dusks. Then I realized that every side has some kind of creature that represents them in a way, except for light. The Dark has the Heartless and the Twilight has the Dusks. The light has nothing like that. Please give me your input...
  9. K

    Metal Gear Solid Series

    If anyone here has played Metal Gear Solid 1, MGS 2, or MGS 3, then please tell me why you liked them or didn't like them. I like the MGS series because of the clear story line and the action. I also like the mysteries that Hideo Kojima placed in the story line.
  10. K

    Mickey and DiZ

    I think I finally figured out how Mickey knows DiZ. In COM, Mickey says he knows him from somewhere, but he didn't know how he knew him. And in Ansem's Reports, Ansem says a king from another world visited him after the meteor shower occured. Everyone knows that the king was Mickey, of course...
  11. K

    Sora's Fusion Ability

    Ever since I found out that Sora can fuse with Goofy or Donald in kh2, I always wondered how they did it. I know that he is able to fuse when the drive meter fills up. Does his new clothes have anything to do with this new ability? I would like to hear some theories about this.