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    How long?

    Remember it was only an extra game, so it wont be as long as the actural games. KH:COM was just a middle game to add to the story and fill the gaps which are shown in KH2 as in Sora's sleep and Namine.
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    Is it just me or am i a KH freak!!!

    Ok here is my problem, this is partly about KH, i didn't no where else to put it ok, so soz if its wrong place - None of my friends, let alone almost none of the whole year know what KH is. I can't have a proper conversation about it to anyone exept this geek boy in my class, THAT MAKES ME...
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    Does Kingdom Hearts run on a PSX/1?

    Hey my PS2 was dead until i got... I Got the pink one! Its in my room now and i play on the PS3 now anyway... I think it was abit of the waste but i got singstar on there so :):). I dont think KH will stand a chance of PS1, i think the PS would destroy the game as it wont be able to read it, let...
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    Kh3 = Movie?

    Today my KH mad brother decides to walk in and announce that Sqaure Enix have said that KH3 or X could be a movie. It would be kl but not as fun. What do u lot think about this?
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    E.S. Jiminiy Journal Picture

    Strange, like the screenies tho. Once i had completed all of the game... Exept Pooh Bear place... I was soo annoyed!!!! I really wanted the movie.
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    Enigmatic soldiers and drive forms...coincidence?

    Ok i think it is just pure coincidence. But you still could be onto something, this is getting all too confusing! I still hope that drive forms do return tho, my favourite is final. Now i guess there is more proof that they are related as i think the blue haired girl does use magic in the...
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    Fanfiction ► The Missing Key

    Very sorry about double post but no-one been reading! :( You cnt blame me if i wanna continue and theres been no comments. Chapter 2 "What on earth are you talking about?" Lily looked at Cara as if she was a mental patient who had just escaped from the mental hospital. The other friend, Helena...
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    Fanfiction ► Ed, Edd, n Eddy's Nightmare Before Christmas

    OMG, that show is a legend! I really like this fan fic, really exiting and cool. This is one in a million, lol!
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    Fanfiction ► The Missing Key

    yeyies my first comment! I hope to see more and more.
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    Fanfiction ► The Missing Key

    Well my first fan fic on this website, i hope to finish this one as i dont usually, lol. Here it is, hope you enjoy, please post your comments! Just to let you know why the writing is in italic she is thinking. Chapter one - 1 year ago Cara was walking across the sand, the wind was blowing...
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    Fanfiction ► Sakura chan

    OMG great story, i really like it! Keep up the gd work. ^_^
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    Sora, Riku, and Kairi.

    lol, it would look abit weird tho... It would still resolve the argueing about Kairi though. But still, Sora will probally hate Riku if tht happened.
  13. T

    KH2 Character songs!

    These are mine:- Sora - Live to win - Paul Stanly Kairi - Something about you - Jamilia Sora, Donald, Goofy (team song) - The saints are comming - Greenday Org 13 - Men in Black - Will Smith
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    Chain of Memories Full Script

    I want to have it realeased in the UK, :(. But the script is really good, but will the game be japanise if it is realeased in our english speaking countries??? It would be weird if it was.
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    KH2 FINAL MIX being released worldwide

    If it don't get realeased here, someone is going to get hurt... Not the PS2...
  16. T

    Person Playing KH2:FM+ Live

    This Rocks, I'm liking it. **impatiantly waits for him to play**