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    Dule saga.

    Dule saga was my frist anima, when tech T.V. didn't air any new epesodes I was sad. Did they make any after the epesode they last aired. The Epesode was the one ware; coscy and every one were getting used to the two universess being one(I will not go into the Phiecs Right now), the love dimide...
  2. H

    A chanece to say sorry.

    I have started this post for people who have said something and they hurt some when they didn't meen to and they can't say sorry because they were blocked from p.m.ing them. O.K. I have started this for selfish resons but, I have to; as a Imatuer preson. No on can give out the reson that they...
  3. H

    the wisdom of evil

    O.K. I know, I know, most of the vilens in anime are will crazy and have no convetionl wisdom but, in some casess there are vary profound words of wisdom, like "radio edit". so just list your favert profound words of wisdom of evil people. please list the anime and caricter. Gundom Seed La...
  4. H

    wight problem need help!

    resently I got sick and I just learned thet my kiness were suting down do to the amout of fat on my body. So can somone help me get some fat on this scrony white a$$ or I could die the next time I get sick.
  5. H

    Debuncing Any dawn or dusk theary.

    All right, throu out the past 60 day I have herd many thearys about "dawn" and "dusk" and I have gotten sick of it. Not only have they mad me angry but, have discrased many good thearys with the bull. Now let the Debuncing begin!!! Now the event that brought about this Theary (the end of CoM...
  6. H

    I've ben robed!

    OK I have noteced that the money that I have on hand has ben dissapering with out word. Yes I have ben in an action but, i did not when it. so help.
  7. H

    Key Blade Threoy

  8. H

    I need a wepon.

    i need a twilight user wepon. I will pay 1,000 for one.
  9. H

    KeyBlade FAQS

    What do we really know about the keyblades; they are keys they are "the only wepon tht can deffeat the heartless", The one sora usess is the key to the worlds heart. The one riku had was the one to the heart. That is all we know. We have no prof if they have an aliment with Light, dark, or...
  10. H

    Why do People pick on nobs?

    that and why don't you help them insted? we were all nobs once.
  11. H

    the key blades oragens

    here is my 2ed thory on how the keyblades were made. when the frist world was went bey, bey, in it's some ware in that time the keyblades were forge. if they were made so that the haerts of the younglings would be safe. but we do not have any prof of what or how meny there are so there is no...
  12. H

    the Next-gen platforms

    if you have any Q's about the next-gen platforms ask here. to get things off the X-box 360 was runing on apple hard-ware
  13. H

    KHII poems

    I felt like posting this thread so that people can post there poems on KHII or something that is talked in KHII. like dark not bad or something like that. ps my spell check is not working so spelling mistakes are going to happen a lot more offten
  14. H

    The four Key blade's (C.o.M. spoilers)

    CoM soilers OK now i have not herd alot of the 4 Key blade theory but, i have herd enough to argue! all right, 4 Key blades, 4 powers for each, looking for masters Key blade of light sora Key blade of darkness Riku Key blade of twilight BHK Key blade of not living (name not right) BHK now i...
  15. H

    Namine is the dual Keyblade wielder in Deep Dive!

    i am talking out of my rump hear but now that we know what namine looks like look at deep dive once more and tell me that they are't one in the same the cloock must make you taller just a thout