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    Master Eraqus (?) and Land of Departure

    Anyone else notice that Eraqus is an anagram of Square? My guess is that since Yensid was Disney backwards, my guess is that they wanted to represent square, and since Yensid was the master of Mickey they wanted Eraqus a master to represent square.
  2. H

    have you beaten the game?

    I love playing all of the Kingdom Hearts game. The only games I have is Chain of Memories and KH2. My brother has the first and the PS2. I have a GBA SP, so its really the only KH game I can play at my home.
  3. H

    KH2 soundtrack had been released

    I was on the Barnes and Noble website earlier and came across the soundtrack to KH2. Apparently it was realeased in June 6th, 2006. The cost is $41.38 for members and $45.98 for non-members. http://music.barnesandnoble.com/search/product.asp?z=y&EAN=4988006203013&itm=8
  4. H

    Look at what I found...

    That still doesn't prove that it's his weapon. There is also a picture of Zexion with the Soul Eater. We still don't know until Nomura actually says what his weapon really is.
  5. H

    does the water have some importance?

    I recently noticed something with the Kingdom Hearts series. I noticed how the water has some importance. First, is how Kairi arrived at Destiny Islands. She got there by raft, and she is supposedly from Hallow Bastion. Secondly is how Monstro was able to get into space. He's a whale and...
  6. H

    Riku revirse mode

    it wasn't either of them. it was Diz, Ansem.
  7. H

    Steamboat willy....

    The only thing it really showed was how Pete gets treated by Maleficent.
  8. H

    A Deleted Scene Pic from KH2 (it happened, but this pic in the game wasn't shown)

    The 1000 heartless battle probably would have been much harder if the Behemoths and Wyverns were added.
  9. H

    KH:COM manga almost here..

    october 10th. cool. thanks reno-Chan.
  10. H

    KH:COM manga almost here..

    whats the date of release? so far I only have the first book in the magna.
  11. H

    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    Re: Super Anger Thread The voice acting for Chain of Memories is going to be in Japanese.
  12. H

    Remake question

    It's hard to say what is going to happen. Nothing has been said if Final Mix or the COM rmake will be released anwhere else. The only thing that is going to stink about the COM remake is that it won't have the American VA.
  13. H


    Why would you want ratings on your battle style? It will pretty much be the same as everyone else. The only diference is what cards you used and when.
  14. H

    could anyone give me tips on beating hates

    Hades really isn't that hard in KH:COM. Anytime you see him go into the fire wall, and fire ball break them with a 0 card or a sleight. Blizzard may help, but I don't know how much it will help. Just keep trying and you will eventually defeat him.
  15. H


    Basically you just get more cards for Sora to use in his story. You either have to find them in the breakable things or from the moogle shops.
  16. H

    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    Re: Final Mix Buy or not Buy!? I would like to buy it, but I'll only be able to buy it if it comes out in the US.
  17. H

    Secret Ending?

    I never watched it off of the computer. I didn't watch it until I beat it on hard mode and finished most of the journal.
  18. H

    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    Re: KH2 Final Mix + Secret Movie + Next CoM? This is awesome news. I can't wait to find out more, which will probably be revealed at the TGS.
  19. H

    Good Deck

    Just use a mixture of cards. The final battle against Marluxia isn't that hard. Just have a mix of high cards and 0 cards. Also have some powerful summons.
  20. H

    I think something is wrong w/ my KH CoM game

    It is probably just a glitch.