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    why import?

    why would you want to import it KH2 Final Mix +? I mean the only good thing about it is the new features but the menu and everything else is in Japanesse so who will really understand it? Especially on KH Re:Chain Of Memories th whole voice over is in Japanesse so it's kinda pointless to import...
  2. S

    If you beat CoM first....

    good theory I think you use it to unlock both the Organization Battles and Limit Form
  3. S

    Questiong On KH2-FM+

    Ok Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix + Is A 2 Disk Game Right? I'm Saying This Because It Has Both Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix And Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain Of Memories Right?:confused: Those Two Games Will Not Be Sold Separately Right?:confused:
  4. S

    Quick Question~

    it might? everyone want it to be released in North America:toungesmile:
  5. S


    so has anyone seen any new videos from Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix? what I mean is have any cutscenes been shown or revealed? sorry but I'm just kinda lazy to look through the forum:toungesmile:
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    something wierd?

    Well I just saw this thing in this website saying you can summon Mickey? I'm not sure if it's true or not:confused: Here's the link to the website.... http://www.cheatcc.com/psx2/kingdomhearts2cheatscodes.html I have completed the Journal 100% and I did what it said but nothing...
  7. S

    When Can you Start Getting FINAL FORM?

    this helps me now :)
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    Shadow Sora Drive Form? I've done it. No joke.

    lol thats funny she got scared :eek:
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    Save the King and Queen

    this is so wierd but still cool ^^
  10. S

    ultima wepon anyine?

    I want to see it too ^
  11. S

    KH2 Overall

    I think KH2 gameplay is alot more better and faster but they still are both great games :)
  12. S

    Drive forms?

    Yes i get that part but the part on the other form confused me:confused: :D
  13. S

    Drive forms?

    All of this just got me confused but i'll get it soon hopefully before i gat the game
  14. S

    Drive forms?

    All the drives rule ^.^ Sorry off topic there ^_^
  15. S

    The official 'Complain about how you're not getting it on the 28th' thread

    So did i but then it said that i had to wait till April 5 - April 7 and that made me so MAD!!!:mad:
  16. S

    does anyone have to wait

    it has been already shipped it just hasn't been delivered
  17. S

    Buying it through the internet?

    yea but i ordered mine on March 15 so hopefully i didn't order it to late....*worried look on face*
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    Buying it through the internet?

    if this happens to me i will be so pi$$ed:mad:
  19. S

    Buying it through the internet?

    Well lets hope your right because i really want to play the game so much
  20. S

    Buying it through the internet?

    Well i was going to but my parents didn't let me >_<