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    Quick BBS Release Question

    Hopefully it won't be the same binding they used for the KH2 guidebooks... mine fell apart within the first week because of the crappy glue. Did this happen to anyone else?? I never used the KH2 guidebook, but the one for KH1 really helped me to find those last darn treasure chests that I had...
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    Holy shat, I just realized.... was that movie made by disney??? oh god that would be a painful world... worse than the little mermaid in kh2... Edit: Thank god.. i just googled it, not a disney movie.
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    Oh, even better, it will prolly be one of the Twilight movies. Psh, this bundle isn't worth it... I was waiting for this to come out, but since it's nothing special, I'll prolly just get a refurbed PSP or somethin.
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    Hardest/most annoying Obligatory boss fight in k2?

    Hmmm...I didnt think Xaldin, Demyx or the Pirate thing was hard, I did however think that Xigbar was a bit hard (I beat him first try though on level 42 or so) but I guess he was a tad bit hard....other than that it was all pretty easy....I also had trouble with Xemnas dragon form (took me two...
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    Help/Support ► Me asking for help...

    Ok, my suggestion is that you go to an optomitrist with your parents and let him explain to your parents the pros and cons of having contacts. Personally I've been wearing contacts for the last two years and they work very well and I havent ever had a problem with them, but your optomitrist can...
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    Help/Support ► oh my figgen gosh

    I'm fairly balanced between homework and tests, but I'm better at some subjects than others..... NIGHTMAREQUEEN....try planning and setting aside time.....be sure to take breaks and dont stress yourself. By setting goals set aside 30 minutes for homework and study, then take 5-10 mins to watch...
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    Help/Support ► My Fear of Spiders.

    Here's how to cure to your problem: Go on fear factor and let them dump hundreds of deadly poisonous spiders on you........ You'll either be cured...................or possibly dead.......but the point is we'll know...... ^^just kidding :) I have this phobia as well, every time I try to...
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    Favorite Drive Form

    I never really used master or wisdom much at all...valor I believe was one of the most useful, but I used final alot too.
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    Which character do you hate in CoM?

    One of my friends thought Marluxia was a girl untill he finally realized he was a guy (after he'd finished the game).
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    How Much Would You Pay?

    Anything higher than $60 dollars is way too much in my opinion, especially since it's the orginal game tweaked with a few extras, which you know will be posted all over the internet once its released...so you dont really have to buy FM to see the extras (unless you just want to experience FM)...
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    I believe you have to beat all worlds including The Hundred Acre Wood and Atlantica.
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    Ahh, its been 6 months... What condition are your Strategy guides in?

    A couple of pages have fallen out of mine, the drives, and the final battles, *sigh* and I have had my KH1 guide for years, hardly a scratch on it (I'm really picky about keeping my guides in perfect condition), the Kh2 guide the pages fell out only a few months after I bought it...
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    Why do you hate Atlantica?

    The only part of Atlantica I liked was when Ursula tried to sing (Come my poopsies hasten to my side.....).....yeah, I guess it was a nice break from the fighting....but I didnt think the singing was very good.......Ariel sounded soooooooooooo fake, maybe thats just me though :D
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    Hey did you guys

    I once heard a documentery about someone who tried these kind of offers as an experiment and almost all the times he never received the merchadise or it was damadged, sometimes it ended up costing more than the original product.....
  15. F

    KH2 Fill in the Blanks Game

    Okay, its a simple game with pretty simple rules: 1. You find a quote such as: I'm a bonafide gaurdian dragon 2. Remove a few words so you get: I'm a bonafide _________ _________ 3. The person who guesses the blank words correctly gets to pick another quote in which they will repeat these...
  16. F

    Mickey's Letter

    Dear Sora, I cant remember my name anymore!!!! Please tell me!!! I cant remember it! I'm very freaked out that I cant remember my own name!~Yours Truly, Mickey
  17. F

    Mickey's Letter

    Dear Sora, As I write I am very scared....I was trying to email you "the letter" but my email wont work because someone has cut the line to the power......oh god...they're in the castle....I have barred the door shut but I am afraid they will doubtless enter....so I must tell you before I die...
  18. F

    Mickey's Letter

    Dear Sora, I regret to tell you I lost a poker game to Axel and now you must be his eternal slave....I'm a bit afraid because once he won he was muttering strange things and drooling on the poker chips......and ummm.....If I was you I would run as fast as I could....I wont tell you why...
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    Mickey's Letter

    Dear Sora, They keep sending me your Playboy subscriptions......jeeze...tell them that we arent living together anymore okay? Signed Queen Minnie (you didnt really think this was Mickey did you?) P.S. Oh yeah......and Mickey is now hooked on Playboy thanks to you.....(he says hes reading them...
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    "Who Said That?" The KH2 Voice Game

    I'm not sure if it died but heres the link anyway: http://forums.khinsider.com/showthread.php?t=60192&highlight=voice+character