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    Anyone have any suggestions to any stand alone movies that are good?(ie: Princess Mononoke, Howl's Moving Castle) I've been watching too many series.
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    Hello, this is sh im playin kh2. Now, none of you probably remember me, but I used to post on these forums a long time ago. Now, the boredom that comes with summer vacation has caused me to visit and try to rejoin the khinsider forums. So, to you all, hello, and I hope many of you will help me...
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    The Third Great Ninja War

    (OOC: This is my first role play EVER. I have been working it out for a long time, so please be critical and tell me if I have forgotten anything.) Long ago, before the time of Naruto, a great plague fell upon the Ninja countries. This plague was called war. The Great War was started when...
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    The Origional Scrpit of Godzilla

    Well, my friend discoved this script that originally was going to be the 1998American version of Godzilla.But Sony did not like the script and changed it to the crudy version it is now. Now we are on a quest to petition to make this version into a movie. Now bear in mind that this was finalized...
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    Fanfiction ► The Chronicles of Kingdom Hearts: Ansem the Wise

    Ok this is my first fan fic ever, and I really don’t care for criticism. So here are the guidelines to follow. 1. This is first person through Ansem’s eyes(the real one) and is a more detailed form of the reports and CoM. This is what I think happened but if I get a known fact wrong, please...