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    Making a Podcast voice chat show thing help please

    Some friends of mine and I were wanting to do a podcast but we don't really know the right programs and stuff for making one. Do we need to use a messenger thing or something? Also if this is the wrong spot to post this could you let me know which one is please? Thank you
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    Final Fantasy Tactics

    Lets talk about it.anyone know anything about it?
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    Crest Academy: Kung Fu Division

    Crest academy...An academy started by Faith Crest in memory of her father Magus Crest and her brother Shinta Crest until she found a 5 year old boy sent from the past by a rip in the dimensions caused by a fool Faith was forced against her wishes to kill as she ofter would regret.The boy she...
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    Islet of Time

    In the middle of an ocean there is an immense gigantic mist covering an island paradise.This island contains many live features of history such as animals,architechture,magical items,and....the ultimate treasure.However,because of the mists and its ever changing position no one has ever found it...
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    Demon Academy

    Throughout the history of the earth many people have been consumed by angels and demons to do things outside of their personality.Today the demons are using a special day and now are mulitplying to cause havoc.Welcome to DEMON ACADEMY!You will be learning all forms of evil in this academy...
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    When Your Best Freind is Part Dragon...(A Return RP)

    Ok so now I'm back people.Back to rp and this is how I return. A tiny quaint village with lots of people running around and kids playing in old buildings without a care.Inside one old pagoda 5 teens find a crumbling,dusty, old statue of what looks like a teenager covered in rusty old...
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    For those of you who even care

    I will be pulling out of all rps i am currently because i have too many things to do and I kinda lost my rp attention.any of my own rps that i have made can continue without me.this is all.*static*TRANSMISSION OVER
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    KH2 Lyrics

    Sorry if this has been done before.I want the japanese lyrics in the way they would be pronounced please.Also I can't find any sites that show the english lyrics right.
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    The Matrix: The Search for The One

    You walk into a room where a man in a black trenchcoat sits in a dusty old chair."Have a seat."You sit down and the man shows you a mirror."Ever have a dream so real you that you couldn't tell the difference between the dream world and the real world?Felling like Alice and that this might just...
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    The Spear of Fate(Xiaolin Showdown RP)

    PM me for main characters if more than one of you pick the same one. Chase Young and Hannibal Bean have decided to make one last confrontation.For reasons unknown,Chase Young thinks that what Hannibal Bean is trying to unleash is worse than what he himself has been achieving.Their battle...
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    Path of Neo Final Boss(Spoilers are apparent)

    Three letters for the final boss in Path of Neo...W....T....F!Mega Smith?!Is that the best they could come up with?How could anyone think of making a Mega Smith fight when the control for fighting in the air are only good for fighting normal Smith?
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    Tales of Symphonia 2:A New Threat(All Roleplayers Welcomed)

    The newly named tree of mana now known as Mithos has been kept alive for over 100 years.Lloyd and Sheena's great grandson,Mark Irving,is now learning how to keep the tree alive.Recently though Derris-Kharlan has been sighted and with it a new threat attacking it.A tiny light seems to have fallen...
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    Matrix Online

    Was there any kind of storyline for Matrix online?Been wondering I am just wondering.
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    Spoilers-- Ending

    I looked at the Knights pics or whatever they are called and I got to wondering.If that is for a KH3 will it show about the Keblades origins more?Sorry if this has been done already.
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    Anyone know where to get?

    I was wondering if anyone knew where to get an Org. coat.Sorry if this is the wrong spot for the thread.
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    Kingdom Hearts Universe:Rise of the Twilight Dragon and Nine Tailed Fox

    A mix of Naruto and KH due to inspiration from a freind.Mostly my freind's rp from AIM. When the ninjas and Samurai fought they each used a very powerful animal spirit to fight in chosen people's bodies.It is now the year 2455 and someone had uncovered these powerful spirits to rule over the...
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    Fanfiction ► Request thread(I wish)

    I wish there was a request thread here.also i was wondering if anyone could do a fic imitating the strongbad email series.
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    Golden Sun 3:Alex's Return

    It has been 100 years since Alex had supposedly met his demise atop Mt. Aleph.Among the rubble of the mountain Alex has finally broken through ready to conquer the world.Alex's power has doubled since when he was outmatched by The Wise One.Axel has decided to go after Isaac,the one who was...
  19. A

    The Power of Chaos(An Atnihs/SGP production)

    The servers are the 7 Chaos Chaos is power Power enriched by the heart The controller is the one that unifies the Chaos.... This tablet has been one of the many read tablets in the chaos shrine and...
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    I can't remember the site but Sonic/FMA fans would love it.

    I was looking at sonic stuff once and I found a clip someone made with really good animations I would say and it was like the intro for FMA and t was so cool and I need the link to the site please?